The digital-focused Chartered Banker provides all the tools necessary for you to develop strategic judgement and expertise needed in a digital age, alongside core banking skills including credit and risk.

Industry expertise and student feedback has been used to ensure the Chartered Banker is practical and forward focused. Becoming a Chartered Banker will show you have the highest standards of professionalism and core banking capabilities to support banking executive regulatory requirements. It will enhance your reputation and future proof your career.

  • Entry: Whilst there are no formal entry requirements it is recommended that students have some banking experience and prepared to complete studies equivalent to a post graduate level professional qualification.
  • Delivery: Self-paced online learning. Start anytime and develop your skills at your own pace and from any location.
    • Duration: Average of 18 to 24 months to complete the four modules (the structure of the program has been based on a student commitment of up to 300 hours per module).
        • 12 month FINSIA Affiliate membership is included if it is your first enrolment to this course and you haven't been a member previously. FINSIA membership gives you access to a wide network of professionals, as well as access to a library of online resources, exclusive publications and high-value events.

        Why Be A Chartered Banker?



        Big picture

        Lead by example

        As a highly qualified practitioner with the detailed knowledge of modern banking needed to tackle the complex challenges facing the industry.






        Enhanced skills

        Staying at the cutting edge of regulation and compliance against a backdrop of daily disruption from new technology.





        International specialist

        Pinnacle of professionalism

        Showing you are the right person to lead the industry into the future, restoring trust building the best possible outcomes for business as well as customers.



        Pathway to Chartered Banker

        To become a Chartered Banker, you will need to take three mandatory modules and chose an elective module to complete the pathway. Together, the four modules provide a comprehensive understanding of banking in a digital age.


        Mandatory modules          Elective modules

        Mandatory modules:

        • Bank Strategy, Operations & Technology 

        This module will give you the tools to construct a strategy for a bank’s mission, vision, values, and objectives with a key focus on digital innovations that allow banks to harness the advances in technology to help them grow in an uncertain future.  You will be able to analyse a bank’s resources and capabilities, and identify the strengths and weaknesses in products and services relative to its competitors. More information >


        • Bank Risk Management

        You will be able to evaluate the impact of current trends and influences on the types of risk to which banks are exposed due to the nature of their activities, and the implications of emerging risks for effective risk management. It will enhance your understanding of what it takes to build an effective risk culture. More information >


        • Professionalism and Ethics (Coming in April 2020)

        Develop your ability to think critically about how ethical behaviour can be encouraged in banking, through codes of ethics, regulation, or good leadership. You will explore how ethical demands might change with future developments, such as digital innovations and growing environmental pressures.


        Elective modules:

        • Personal & Private Banking (Coming in 2020)

        Develop the ability to build trust based relationships with customers, appraise their creditworthiness and propose suitable products and services to meet customers’ needs in a competitive marketplace. The impact of the digital revolution on delivery channels and customer demands for a seamless experience are a key focus.

        • Commercial Lending (Coming in 2020)

        Develop trust-based relationships with customers and the ability to identify financial and non-financial information to assess a business and the risks in a lending proposition. You will also develop the ability to implement suitable funding plans with appropriate conditions, including security and covenants that mitigate risk and meet the needs of both the customer and the bank.

        Who can become a Chartered Banker?

        Our globally recognised gold standard program is for individuals who seek to achieve the highest level of excellence and professionalism in banking. With a full suite of learning support materials, Chartered Banker can be completed in as little as 18 months of study by ambitious students determined to excel in the industry.

        Why study with Finsia

        Why study with FINSIA?

        • Internationally recognised* qualifications developed by senior industry experts
        • Full support provided
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