Honesty, integrity and good behaviour

How do you demonstrate and validate these characteristics in today’s financial climate?


Interactive workshop

Interactive two-hour workshop focusing on a variety of real life ethical challenges faced in the workplace.


Discuss and Debate

Participants vote on how they would respond to real life case studies using individual interactive voting machines. Participants discuss and debate the merits of each choice and suggest actions that could be taken.



Developed to encourage finance professionals to think about ethics principles and how to apply them in the workplace.



Tailor made

Tailor made programs available to align to your own organisation values and industry code of conduct.


Speak with confidence

Anonymous voting machines encourage participants to show how they would act in real life - rather than how they feel they should.


Clear framework of action

Raise conscious awareness of potential ethical dilemmas and provides a clear framework for action.


Key insights and useful tips

Provide key insights, learning opportunities and useful tips to help participants make better ethical decisions.


Endorsed by top firms

Endorsed by audiences at top firms around the world.


Meet CPD requirements

Contributes to CPD requirements.

Workshop Structure

Two-part interactive workshop comprising of

Workshop Structure 1

1. Introduction to ethics and integrity in financial services

  • Our facilitators offer strong context and purpose through current real life examples which demonstrate the impact of poor ethical decisions in business, politics, sport and financial services.
Workshop Structure 2

2. Discuss and debate

  • Present a range of real life ethical dilemmas.
  • Participants have to choose how they would react and participate in small group discussions before voting using individual voting machines.
  • Debate and discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice among the audience is encouraged. 


Structured to suit clients' needs based on the number of workshops per day. Recommended workshop size is 10-50 people (maximum 70 people). A quote can be provided for customisation to include your company's own programs and policies.


per workshop

When you book one workshop.

This is only $30 per person (based on 70 total attendees during a day).


per workshop

When you book two or three workshops for the same price and location

This is only $30 per person (based on 150 total attendees during a day).



Chris Whitehead F FIN Chartered Banker 

CEO & Managing Director, FINSIA

Chris was appointed FINSIA CEO in September 2016. He has been associated with the Australasian financial services industry for nearly 30 years. Previously, he was CEO of CUA, Australia’s largest customer-owned financial institution, Regional Director, Bank of Scotland and CEO, BankWest Retail Bank.

He has extensive experience as a non-executive director including in the payments, wealth management and insurance sectors.


Kylie Blundell SA FIN

Head of Standards & Education, FINSIA

Kylie was appointed FINSIA Head of Standards and Education in 2017. Previously she held a number of senior roles predominantly in dealer services within financial advice in major banks within Australia. She has also been involved in the management of a financial advice remediation project.

She also has experience as a non-executive director in the not for profit sector.


FINSIA is the professional body in Australia and New Zealand for the financial services industry, and one of its key objectives is to develop and promote high ethical standards for financial practitioners, raise professional standards of competency and conduct in financial services.

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