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Cyborg: Optimally integrating human and machine financial decision-making
12:15pm - 1:45pm

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Non-Member $40

1 hour

What can financial services professionals learn from Deep Blue’s triumph at chess, or from Watson’s victory at Jeopardy, or AlphaGo’s win at Go, or from machine learning’s success at language translation, or from the analysis of Google search terms to predict the spread of the flu? 

What do these examples from the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence teach us that is relevant for a banker assessing credit risk, or for a strategy team deciding which new product to launch, or for HR managers thinking about what skills to recruit for, or for a client engagement team seeking to influence prospective clients? 

In a world of powerful algorithms and automation, what is the future role for humans in the financial services industry? 

By combining concepts from behavioural finance and artificial intelligence this session will identify ways financial professionals can create “cyborgs”: decision-making processes that integrate individual, team and machine thinking. When designed appropriately, cyborgs can perform better than humans or machines alone. 

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Speaker bio

200x200 Simon Russell

Simon Russell, Director, Behavioural Finance Australia

Simon is the founder and Director of Behavioural Finance Australia (BFA). At BFA he provides specialist behavioural finance training & consulting to fund managers, major super funds and other financial services professionals.
With qualifications in psychology and investments, and experience working with a broad range of professional investment teams and advisers, Simon is part psychologist and part investment professional. His services help his clients to apply insights about investment decision-making to tailor their investment processes and client engagement strategies.
Simon regularly speaks about the application of decision-making research at industry and academic conferences and is the author of two books on behavioural finance: “Applying Behavioural Finance in Australia" and "Cyborg".
Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) & Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) both from the University of Adelaide, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investments from the Securities Institute of Australia, a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, a Diploma of Financial Planning from MLC Advice Education and a Graduate Certificate in Management from the Australian Institute of Management.
Simon will help you translate behavioural insights into actionable strategies to improve returns, reduce risks and to help attract, retain and better influence clients.