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  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
    • Issue 2

      Current themes in Australian debt capital markets Download

      Banking regulation: Has complexity worked? Download

      The Australian securitisation market 10 years on from the global financial crisis Download

      Insurance: Challenges to the business model Download

      Investor criteria of early stage venture in New Zealand Download

      JASSA issue 2 2017 From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA issue 2 2017 Complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      JASSA 2017 issue 1: Complete issue Download

      Adequacy of the Australian superannuation guarantee levy: A post-retirement analysis Download

      Concentration and contagion risks in the Australian banking system Download

      Regulation of culture in finance Download

      The shifting sands of asset management: The rise of indexing and evolution of active Download

      The outlook for the self-managed super fund sector Download

      Secured money market transactions: Trends in the Australian repo rate Download

  • 2016
    • Issue 4

      JASSA 2016 issue 4 complete issue Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 4 The incidence and causes of personal bankruptcy in Australia pp 27 35 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 4 The impact of regulatory governance standards on board characteristics pp 21 26 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 4 Chinese Renminbi after 11 August 2015 pp 11 20 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 4 Risk culture in Australian banks pp 4 10 Download

    • Issue 3

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 The rise of fintech pp 15 21 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 The HILDA survey pp 6 13 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 Prediction markets crowdsourcing pp 52 60 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 Paradigm shift credit data pp 45 51 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 Peer to peer lending pp 37 44 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 Distributed ledger technology pp 30 36 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 150 years of fintech pp 22 29 Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 complete issue Download

      JASSA iss 3 contents Download

      JASSA 2016 iss 3 From the Managing Editor Download

    • Issue 2

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Macroeconomic effects of an increase in superannuation contributions pp 72 82 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Patterns of voluntary contributions to superannuation pp 63 71 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Investment strategy on retirement savings pp 54 62 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Superannuation drawdown behaviour pp 42 53 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 intro to the special section on superannuation Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Protecting retirement wealth A survey of Australian products pp 30 38 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Problems with using EBITDA based valuations pp 24 29 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Long run survival and performance of Australian dotcom IPOs pp 18 23 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 Long run performance of backdoor listed firms pp 6 17 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 from the managing editor Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 contents Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 2 complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Dividend imputation international experience pp 58 63 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Dividend imputation and corporate cost of capital pp 50 57 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Impact of dividend imputation on share prices pp 41 49 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Dividend imputation and the Aust financial system pp 35 40 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Mispricing of Aust IPOS pp 27 33 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Momentum crashes the Aust evidence pp 17 26 Download

      JASSA 2016 1 Secular stagnation a review of the key arguments pp 6 16 Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Contents Download

      JASSA 2016 issue 1 Complete issue Download

  • 2015
    • Issue 4

      New technology, personal data protection and implications for nancial services regulation Download

      Some issues in cross-border bank regulation Download

      Mutual recognition arrangements — Australia and Asia Download

      Closer nancial integration between Australia and New Zealand? Lessons from the European Union Download

      Basel IV and Australian banking Download

      The determinants of customer satisfaction in the financial planning industry Download

      Engagement with superannuation: Is there really a gender gap? Download

      Every aspect of a risky business a ects its cost of capital Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 4 complete issue Download

    • Issue 3

      JASSA 2015 issue 3 complete issue Download

      Innovation and reform in Australias financial market infrastructure Download

      Balancing safety stability efficiency and competition - Finding the balance for Australia's major banks Download

      International linkages of the Australian banking system: Implications for financial stability Download

      Book-to-market ratio, default risk and return implications: From a negative perspective Download

      Financial planning and modelling an individual’s attitude to financial risk: Is everybody on the same page? Download

      Mutual funds and outperformance - The difficulty of generating positive alpha Download

      Global systemic risk: What’s driving the shadow banking system? Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 3 From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 3 Contents Download

    • Issue 2

      Renminbi trade invoicing benefits impediments and tipping points Download

      Enhancing portfolio performance with the Implied Volatility Index Download

      The illusory Australian small firm premium Download

      Dividend imputation or low company tax Download

      Equity crowdfunding and P2P lending in New Zealand the first year Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 2 from the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 2 contents Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 2 complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      JASSA 2015 issue 1: Contents Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 1: Complete issue Download

      FSI Special Section: Regulation Download

      FSI Special Section: Consumer outcomes Download

      FSI Special Section: Innovation Download

      FSI Special Section: Superannuation and retirement incomes Download

      FSI Special Section: Resilience Download

      FSI Special Section: Introduction Download

      Backdoor listings in Australia Download

      Evidence of the banks role in filling gaps in the exchange traded derivatives market Download

      The value of total assets Download

      Kiwisaver funds: Can they be replicated cheaper? Download

      JASSA 2015 issue 1: From the Managing Editor Download

  • 2014
    • Issue 4

      JASSA 2014 issue 4: Complete issue Download

      JASSA 2014 issue 4: Contents Download

      JASSA 2014 issue 4: From the Managing Editor Download

      Regulating financial advice: Lessons from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada Download

      International linkages: Financial markets and technology Download

      Trends in Australian corporate financing Download

      The virtue of saving Download

      Mortgage product choice in Australia: The impact of market stress Download

      The future of securitisation Download

    • Issue 3

      Long-term Investment in Infrastructure and the Demand for Benchmarks Download

      Challenges and Tools for Determining Public Infrastructure Projects and Priorities Download

      Role of International Cooperation in Increasing Infrastructure Investment Download

      Into the Mainstream: The Australian Payday Loans Industry on the Move Download

      Evolution of Australian Financial Market Infrastructure Download

      Analyst Forecast Optimism and Market Reaction: Australian Evidence Download

      Implementing Countercyclical Capital Buffer Schemes for Australian Banks Download

      Basel Risk Weights, Asset Correlations and Book-to-Market Equity: Evidence from Asian Countries Download

      JASSA 3 2014: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 2

      Bank reputation in Australia: A view from the inside Download

      An emerging markets analysis of the Piotroski F-score Download

      The impact of non-scheduled news on S&P/ASX 50 stocks Download

      Strong and weak momentum components: Evidence from international market indices Download

      Seasonality in momentum profitability Download

      JASSA 2 2014: From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2014 2: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      JASSA 2014 1: Contents Download

      Personal attributes and financial risk-taking in Australia Download

      Should Australian syndicated loan contracts be standardised? Download

      Meeting the financial needs of retirees — A layering approach to building retirement income portfolios Download

      Put it on the house — The promising, largely untapped potential for Australian home equity in retirement Download

      The quest for Alpha — Can artificial neural networks help Download

      Reframing the expectations of financial literacy education — Bringing back the reality Download

      Taxation and superannuation literacy in Australia — What do people know (or think they know) Download

      The two faces of investment performance and risk Download

      JASSA 2014 1: From the Managing Editor Download

  • 2013
    • Issue 4

      Sequencing risk: The worst returns in their worst order Download

      What Australian investors need to know to diversify their portfolios Download

      Breach of continuous disclosure in Australia Download

      Measuring retirement savings adequacy in Australia Download

      Restoring a level playing field for defined benefits superannuation Download

      The problems with investment advice Download

      Risk-on risk-off: Implications for investors in the Australian stock and bond markets Download

      JASSA 2013 4: From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2013 4: Contents Download

      JASSA 2013 4: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 3

      How banks’ responses to Basel III affect superannuation funds Download

      Consumer lending: implications of new comprehensive credit reporting Download

      What is the difference between macroprudence and macroprudential supervision? Download

      Shadow banking: Australian and international experience around times of stress and regulatory reform Download

      Is the Australian financial sector too big? Download

      Good corporate governance: What matters most to directors Download

      Pitfalls in adjusting merger ratios for cash payout Download

      Hastie Group Limited: Did the annual reports provide any warning signals? Download

      JASSA 2013 3: From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2013 3: Contents Download

      JASSA 2013 3: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 2

      Neofeudalism, paraethnography and the custodial regulation of financial institutions Download

      The world’s most important number: How a web of skewed incentives, broken hierarchies and compliance cultures conspired to undermine LIBOR Download

      Incentivising compliance in the banking industry Download

      What is the key driver of bank stock returns? A comparative analysis Download

      Stakeholder perspectives on bank performance: A preliminary survey across Australia, China and Japan Download

      The Basel III controversy: A critical assessment of the views of Australian regulators Download

      Candlestick charting in European stock markets Download

      The impact of capital changes on share price performance Download

      Examining the equity holdings of Australian superannuation funds Download

      JASSA 2013 2: From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2013 2: Contents Download

      JASSA 2013 2: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      Use and usefulness of PDSs in the financial planning context Download

      Superannuation and the cost of insurance Download

      The time diversification puzzle: Why trustees should care Download

      Superannuation knowledge and plan behaviour Download

      Work, money, lifestyle: Plans of Australian retirees Download

      Forecasting extreme performance: The experience with Australian equities Download

      What explains the market reaction to divestiture announcements? Download

      The rise of mobile money: Regulatory issues for Australia Download

      An evaluation of regulated and non-IFRS firm performance measures Download

      JASSA 2013 1: From the Managing Editor Download

      JASSA 2013 1: Contents Download

      JASSA 2013 1: Complete issue Download

  • 2012
    • Issue 4

      Funding retirement: Next generation design Download

      S&P/ASX 200: Does change in membership matter? Download

      The role of equity analysts in the pricing of Australian CDS spreads during the financial crisis Download

      Do rational speculative bubbles exist in the Australian stock market? Download

      Sustainable withdrawal rates during retirement and the risks of financial ruin Download

      Consumer protection in the financial sector: Recent regulatory developments Download

      OTC derivatives in a post-GFC world: Australia’s commitment to the G20 Download

      New Zealand insider trading regulation: A market assessment Download

      JASSA 2012 4: From the managing editor Download

      JASSA 2012 4: Contents Download

      JASSA 2012 4: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 3

      The usefulness of risk profile questionnaires in financial advising Download

      The Future of Financial Advice and MySuper Download

      Disclosure of superannuation fund holdings: what would be best? Download

      Liquidity regulation: lessons from New Zealand Download

      Liquidity buffers of Australian-owned ADIs Download

      Financial regulation in Australia since the GFC Download

      Momentum returns to S&P/ASX 100 constituents Download

      Is Australia HFT-friendly? Download

      An assessment of the social desirability of high-frequency trading Download

      JASSA 2012 3: From the managing editor Download

      JASSA 2012 3: Contents Download

      JASSA 2012 3: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 2

      Can mutuals compete on commercial bank terms Download

      Open and closed analyst briefings: an intraday perspective Download

      Should short selling be banned during periods of market turmoil? Download

      Stock returns and holding periods Download

      The Impact of Residential Property Investment on Portfolio Performance Download

      The direct costs of raising equity capital by renounceable rights issues in Australia Download

      JASSA 2012 2: From the managing editor Download

      JASSA 2012 2: Contents Download

      JASSA 2012 2: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      The retirement risk zone: a baseline study Download

      Reducing the risk of VWAP orders execution — a new approach to modelling intra-day volume Download

      Buying’s one thing, holding’s another: how much does Australian housing really cost? Download

      Do large Australian companies emphasise non-GAAP financial measures over statutory net profit (GAAP) in annual reports? Download

      Global investing — innovating for sustainable growth Download

      JASSA 2012 1: From the chair of the editorial board Download

      JASSA 2012 1: Contents Download

      JASSA 2012 1: Complete issue Download

  • 2011
    • Issue 4

      2011 JASSA Article and Author index Download

      Australian consumer behaviour and preferences Download

      Consumer financial protection: Future directions Download

      Cover, Title and Contents page Download

      Cover, Title and Contents page Download

      Cover, Title and Contents page Download

      Cover, Title and Contents page Download

      Retail derivatives: what we know, what we don’t know, and regulatory challenges Download

      Australian equity warrants: are retail investors getting a fair go? Download

      Post GFC regulation — product innovation, ensuring customer suitability and problem resolution Download

      How bank switching in NZ differs by product: lessons for Australia Download

      Response to ‘Adjusting the market risk premium to reflect the global financial crisis’ Download

      International perspective: 2008 banking crisis, 2011 sovereign debt crisis: two sides of the same coin? Download

      ‘Adjusting the market risk premium to reflect the global financial crisis’ — a rejoinder Download

      JASSA 2011 4: From the chair of the editorial board Download

      JASSA 2011 4: Contents Download

      JASSA 2011 4: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 3

      An examination of the sustainability disclosures of ANZ, NAB and Westpac Download

      Monthly seasonality in currency returns 1972 - 2010 Download

      Post-retirement policy — A view Download

      Retail investors and ethical investment Download

      SMSFS: Can we do better? Download

      Tax distortions and retail investors Download

      Household saving and investing for lifecycle events: government incentives and insurance bonds Download

      JASSA 2011 3: From the chair of the editorial board Download

      JASSA 2011 3: Contents Download

      JASSA 2011 3: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 2

      Regulating complex financial products: Lessons from legal innovation internationally Download

      Rethinking investor protection Download

      Using volatility to enhance momentum strategies Download

      Voluntary disclosure trustee goverance and background Download

      'I can't get no satisfaction ... or can I?': a study of satisfaction with financial planning and client wellbeing Download

      The development of a life annuity market in Australia: an analysis of supplier risks and their mitigation Download

      JASSA 2011 2: From the chair of the editorial board Download

      JASSA 2011 2: Contents Download

      JASSA 2011 2: Complete issue Download

    • Issue 1

      Deteriorating profits of brokerage firms post-IFRs Empirical evidence Download

      Rebalancing to Asia Download

      The house of Rothschild: the worlds banker (Book review) Download

      Picking winners: understanding the future cost of electricity generation in Australia Download

      Adjusting the market risk premium to reflect the global financial crisis Download

  • 2010
    • Issue 4

      2010 Annual Index Download

      2010 Author Index Download

      Active Money - providing additional insights into portfolio risk Download

      Australian Superannuation Outsourcing Download

      Bank remuneration rules: a case study of post-GFC regulation reform Download

      Contents Page Download

      Cover page Download

      Finsia and Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies ad: Call for papers ad Download

      Framework for securities regulation post-GFC Download

      From the Editorial Board Download

      How technology decisions can expose banks to technology and strategy risk Download

      IFRS 9, Impairment and Procyclicality: is the cure worse than the disease? Download

      Reviewing Cooper Download

      Tax and Super - unfinished business Download

    • Issue 3

      Bad and doubtful debt reporting — are banks disclosing contradictory information? Download

      Banks’ use of the wholesale guarantee Download

      Central counterparties Download

      Editorial: From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      Size does matter: empirical evidence from ISE-listed banks Download

      Systematic risk, CDS spread and market integration: an empirical investigation Download

      The future for deposit insurance Download

      The performance of value and growth portfolios in Australia: implications for asset management Download

      The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s new liquidity policy for banks Download

      The valuation of specialised operational assets – unbundling enterprise and asset value Download

      Webmaster recommends Download

    • Issue 2

      Cover, Title and Contents pages: Celebrating 40 years, JASSA Issue 2 2010 Download

      Firm characteristics and information risk Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board (Editorial) Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board (Editorial) Download

      Grappling with systemic risk Download

      JASSA articles ad: contributions, archived articles: online and archived articles: print Download

      Lifecycle investing: is it more about behavioural finance than risk management? Download

      Managed Investment Scheme regulation: lessons from the Great Southern failure Download

      Merger control during the GFC, systemic risk issues and failing banks Download

      Nudge – improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness (book review) Download

      Our Performance Scholarship can take you anywhere ad Download

      The valuation of franking credits to investors Download

      Trust and the financial planning relationship Download

    • Issue 1

      Announcing the 2009 JASSA Awards Download

      Australian Implied Volatility Index Download

      Behavioural finance issues and the bank client Download

      Cloning hedge funds: a factor-based approach Download

      Cover, Title and Contents pages: Celebrating 40 years Download

      Finsia Asia Financial Services summit 2010 ad Download

      Finsia mentoring program ad Download

      Finsia/MCFS 2010 Banking and Finance Conference Ad Download

      5 JASSA articles ad JASSA 40th anniv Iss 1 2010 web Download

      JASSA in the period 1999 to 2009: a retrospective Download

      M&A target prediction in Australia Download

      Strengthen your professional knowledge and networks, Quarter 2 2010 events ad Download

      The Great Crash of 2008 (book review) Download

      Webmaster recommends (Webmaster column) Download

  • 2009
    • Issue 4

      2009 Annual index Download

      2009 Author index Download

      Are Hedge Fund Returns Predictable? Download

      Cover and Contents page Download

      Finsia - Upcoming workshops Ad Download

      Forensic risk analysis Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      Fundamental Investment Research – Do US results apply to Australian Investors? Download

      Investment legends: The wisdom that leads to wealth (Book review) Download

      JASSA articles: contributions, archived articles: online and archived articles Download

      JASSA Peer Review Panel for 2009 Download

      Older people’s assets Download

      Quantile regression in its application in investment analysis Download

      Risk-Adjusted Discount Rate (RADR) Estimation for Mining Projects Evaluation Download

      The valuation of in-situ plant and machinery Download

    • Issue 3

      Australian and New Zealand insurers: issues for success Download

      Changing tides – consumer finance and the generational wealth divide Download

      Cover and Contents page Download

      Fair value accounting, credit ratings and cyclicality: implications for the stability of financial institutions Download

      Finsia Financial Services Conference 2009 Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      How profitable is the butterfly strategy in Australian fixed income markets? Download

      JASSA articles: contributions, archived articles: online and archived articles: print Download

      Opportunities beyond carbon (book review) Download

      Preservation of lump sum capital under pension drawdown Download

      Shadow directorship risk for lenders in informal workout scenarios Download

      Some thoughts on leverage Download

      The crash of 2008 and what it means: the new paradigm for financial markets (book review) Download

      The evolving secondary market for private equity Download

      The JASSA Prize. Download

      Webmaster recommends: Asset allocation, ICT, microcredit – the many faces of finance Download

    • Issue 2

      48 Consumer finance ad jassa_n2_2009 Download

      All aboard the PDS Titanic Download

      An historical perspective on the current crisis Download

      Assessing professionalism: the case of financial planning Download

      Costs and challenges of energy transition Download

      Cover and Contents page Download

      Defamation risk in the banking industry Download

      Facing up to dysfunctional finance products Download

      Financial hardship and financial literacy: a case study from the Gippsland Region Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      JASSA articles: contributions, archived articles: online and archived articles: print Download

      Technological banking services and operating costs Download

      Webmaster recommends: Update on international climate change, energy research and productivity Download

    • Issue 1

      A ‘perfect storm’ in retirement savings Download

      ABC Learning Centres Limited – did the annual reports give enough warning? Download

      Announcing the 2008 JASSA Awards Download

      Cover and Contents page Download

      Effect of general economic mood on investor risk tolerance – implications for financial planning Download

      Finsia - Upcoming events Ad Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      Investing in Australia during climate change Download

      JASSA Articles: contributions, archived articles: online and archived articles: print Download

      Listed infrastructure funds: funding and financial management Download

      Observations on residential housing: the shared equity loan Download

      Optimising a Transition to Retirement Income Stream Download

      Predicting Australian stock market annual returns Download

      The ascent of money: a financial history of the world (book review) Download

      The JASSA Prize. Download

      56_57 BkRevSubprimeThomas JASSA_n1_2009_web Download

      Webmaster recommends – Recent financial market research Download

      Webmaster recommends (Webmaster column) Download

  • 2008
    • Issue 4

      Calculating the cost of equity in emerging markets Download

      Cover, JASSA Issue 4 2008 Download

      Cover, JASSA Special Issue 2008 Download

      Credit risk models: why they failed in the credit crisis Download

      Do initial stop-losses stop losses? Download

      DRPs and the Reinvestment Discount Download

      Fair or not? Fair value measurement in the sub-prime crisis Download

      Fixed income managers: evolution or revolution Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      From the Editors Download

      Has the short selling ban reduced liquidity in the Australian stock market? Download

      Kangaroo bond issuance in Australia Download

      Measuring operational risk in financial institutions Download

      Recent developments in Australian household debt Download

      Recent developments in securitisation Download

      The diversification benefits of investing in Australia Download

      The Last Tycoons, by William D. Cohan. (New York: Broadway Books, 2007.) Download

      The real risk-free interest rate in thin debt markets Download

      The unlisted unrated debentures market Download

      Webmaster recommends - focus on microfinance Download

      Will the real AAA please stand up? Download

    • Issue 3

      Cover, JASSA Issue 3 2008 Download

      Do derivatives improve managed fund performance? Download

      ‘Dogs of the Dow’ down under Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      How the managers of Australia’s large superannuation funds view private equity and hedge fund investing Download

      Off-market tender buybacks not driven by tax benefits Download

      Risk management disclosure in volatile markets Download

      The NZ term structure: going long in infrastructure Download

      The search for hedge fund alpha Download

      Webmaster recommends Download

    • Issue 2

      A practical comparison of firm valuation models: cash flow, dividend and income Download

      Accounting for owner-occupied property: goldmine or landmine? Download

      All roads lead to Graham and Doddsville: the evolution of the modern value investor Download

      Compulsory PI insurance for financial advisers: the new compensation arrangements Download

      Cover, JASSA Issue 2 2008 Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board Download

      Funds management in Australia: officers’ duties and liabilities book review Download

      National market national interest: the drive to unify Australia’s securities markets book review Download

      Operational risk in banks Download

      Use of proceeds disclosures in IPO prospectuses: do issuers come clean? Download

      Webmaster recommends Download

    • Issue 1

      Analyst coverage of Australian listed firms Download

      Announcing the 2007 JASSA Awards Download

      Assessing the real profit efficiency of banks in less regulated markets Download

      Australian hybrid securities: two decades of evolution Download

      Cover, JASSA Issue 1 2008. Download

      Distortions in the tax treatment of rights issues Download

      Emerging market equities: an Australian perspective Download

      Off-market share buybacks revisited Download

      The impact of share buybacks on earnings per share Download

      Webmaster recommends Download

  • 2007
    • Issue 4

      Applying modern portfolio techniques to agriculture Download

      Determination of optimal superannuation contributions Download

      Director’s accountability in funds management companies Download

      Editorial comment Download

      Hyperlexis in the regulation of Australian funds management Download

      Self Managed Allocated Pensions: Public Policy Issues Download

      Valuation of mining projects using option pricing techniques Download

      Webmaster recommends: Research tools for credit cards, property and brand marketing Download

      Where do Australian active equity managers outperform? Download

    • Issue 3

      Alternative investments: definition, importance and risks Download

      Carbon trading: theory and practice. Download

      Crediting rates versus unit pricing: issues for super funds Download

      From the Chair of the Editorial Board: Scott Donald SF Fin Download

      Superannuation funds and alternative asset investment: issues for policy makers Download

      The Australian and New Zealand insurance industry: who will survive? Download

      The Superannuation guarantee, wealth and retirement saving. Download

    • Issue 2

      A Financial Tale of Two Cities – Sydney and Melbourne’s Remarkable Contest for Commercial Supremacy (Reading Room). Download

      Gatekeepers: the professions and corporate governance. Download

      Has East Asian banking restructuring following the crisis improved efficiencies? Download

      Performance evaluation and the potential biases in fund manager return databases. Download

      A roadmap for personal finance Download

      Private equity - the emperor’s new clothes? Download

      Book Review: A tale of two cities Download

      The JASSA Prize Download

      The size effect: Australian evidence. Download

      The Valuation of Mining Assets (Reading Room). Download

      Understanding the ingredients in the multi-manager portfolio pot. Download

      Valuing companies in financial trouble – Eurotunnel. Download

    • Issue 1

      Benchmarking discriminatory power of credit risk rating models. Download

      Calling the end of the bubble: are there trends in order imbalances? Download

      Comment on adequacy of superannuation. Download

      Mathematical and modelling aspects of retirement planning. Download

      Our vision... Our mission... Download

      Pay-performance sensitivities of CEO stock option grants. Download

      [email protected] series: setting the game plan. Download

      Raising international standards Download

      SGL adequacy and retirement: longevity and economic impacts. Download

      Signal detection and decision making Download

      Webmaster recommends - Web Loans and Social Lending Download

      Stay in touch: Professional development. Download

      Stay up to date: Short courses Download

      The risky business of consulting (Reading Room): book review by Peter Pontikis SF Fin. Download

      Webmaster recommends - Web Loans and Social Lending Download

  • 2006
    • Issue 4

      A dissertation on derivatives (Reading Room): book review by Stephen Chambers. Download

      Are we paying our CEOs too much? Download

      Do Wall Street Fundamentals work in the ASX200? Download

      Drivers of investment choice: some evidence from Australian superannuation participants Download

      Funds of hedge funds: not the poor cousins of the hedge fund industry Download

      Managing the tax advantages of collective investment vehicles Download

      Portfolio management and investment strategy (Reading Room): book review by Scott Donald Download

      Predicting corporate failure Download

      Self-Managed Super Funds. Download

      The Japanese experience. Download

    • Issue 3

      A leading investment (Reading Room): book review by Andrew Frankling F Fin Download

      A sorry state of affairs - Finsia Policy page Download

      A super win: Policy page Spring 2006 Download

      Australian equity returns: another look at the historical record Download

      Australian share issue privatisations: long-run abnormal returns Download

      Finsia focus on Vietnam Download

      Institutional residential property portfolio management. Download

      Investment horizons and the cost of downside protection Download

      Linearising the ROC and detecting asymmetry: a credit rating example Download

      Lump sum retirement and government policy Download

    • Issue 2

      Archived articles. Download

      Capital gains tax and managed funds after TR 2005/23 Download

      Corporate governance, activism and the role of trustees Download

      External risk: making sense of economic noise Download

      Finsia news and views - Winter 2006 update Download

      Finsia proposes takeover law reforms Download

      FX Trading: an Australian guide to trading foreign exchange. Download

      How can the market be efficient if investors are not rational? Download

      Risk: an uncommon deviation. Download

      Saving the future: Can the under-40s afford to grow old? (Viewpoint) Download

      The DORC valuation model of regulated infrastructure assets. Download

      The impact of market closures on option volumes at the ASX. Download

      Using DEA in benchmarking Download

    • Issue 1

      A comment, by Scott Donald. Download

      Irrational exuberance - Advances in Behavioural Finance: Volume II - book review Download

      Analysing sustainable securities Download

      Does asset allocation policy determine performance? Including comment by Scott Donald Download

      Execution costs in futures markets. Download

      Finsia congratulates its 2005 graduates in the Master of Applied Finance and Investment Download

      International update Download

      New market supervision role for ASX: Policy page Download

      Raising the takeover threshold in Australia: issues and evidence Download

      Share purchase plans Download

      Small wedges split great logs: Policy page Autumn 2006. Download

      The benefits of international diversification Download

  • 2005
    • Issue 4

      A lighter regulatory touch in 2006 Download

      Balancing our future Download

      Efficiency and profitability criteria for a geared share portfolio Download

      Free cash flow return regularities Download

      Lady Luck makes a comeback: Policy page Summer 2005 Download

      Operational risk management Download

      Portfolio design and challenges inherent in multiple manager structures Download

      Should investors follow US fund managers? Download

      Thailand: a promising capital market (Training report). Download

      Are you an innovative thinker with a head for banking and finance issues? Download

    • Issue 3

      A four-factor model for selecting corporate bonds Download

      A new name and a new organisation: CEO's Report Download

      A simple plan: Policy page Download

      Accounting for impairment Download

      Distribution reinvestment - at what price? Download

      How good are dividend yield and P/E ratios in making asset allocation decisions? Download

      Investor expectations and beta risk Download

      Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue (Reading Room), book review by Peter Pontikis. Download

      Sydney hosts seminal finance scholars Download

      The legal debate on the duty of directors has become political: Policy page Download

      To sell now or sell later? Download

      What causes the equity premium? Download

    • Issue 2

      Can accountants be financial planners? Download

      Countdown to Choice: Policy page Winter 2005 Download

      Experts reports in corporate transactions: Reading Room book review by Peter Pontikis Download

      Managing institutional execution costs Download

      Modelling the efficiency and profitability of a share portfolio Download

      Multicurrency attribution: not as easy as it looks! Download

      Sharing the market experience (Reading Room), book review by Peter Pontikis Download

      SIA/AIBF merger proposal: CEOs Report Winter 2005. Download

      The Dawson Bill - second or third time lucky? Download

      The relationship between technical indicators and the market index. Download

    • Issue 1

      A place in the market for small shops: Professional development page Download

      Alliance agreement with FPA: CEOs Report Download

      Clean technologies and venture capital Download

      Corporate hedging and managerial ownership Download

      Estimating betas using comparable company analysis: is it a reliable method? Download

      Index tracking in Australian equities Download

      Lashing the engine: key issues surrounding fund manager retention Download

      Money for nothing: Real wealth, financial fantasies and the economy of the future. (Reading Room book review) Download

      New SIA Life members apointed: Clive Powell FSIA and Alison Lansley FSIA. Download

  • 2004
    • Issue 4

      A behavioural finance explanation of why market opinions may be held beyond their use-by-date Download

      Dollar amounts to be disclosed Download

      Foreign exchange rates in Australian mining company valuations Download

      Market volatility and performance of Australian equity funds Download

      PD goes online: CEOs Report Summer 2004 Download

      Saving the future Download

      The ABC of IFRS financial statements Download

      The forensics of share buybacks Download

      The hidden costs of trade execution Download

      The performance of buy-write strategies Download

      Turn on the TAP Download

    • Issue 3

      Exchange-traded funds: poised to challenge index funds Download

      Investing in pseudo-science: the active versus passive debate Download

      Mutual recognition of trans-Tasman offers and Financial literacy a plus for Australia Download

      New trimester model for the Institute: CEO's Report Download

      Patently a perfect storm Download

      Quarterly cash flow reporting - is it useful? Download

      Revisiting the bubble: stock price performance of Australian IPOs 1999-2001 Download

      Share and share alike: share buybacks after TD2004/D1 Download

      The strategic value of hedge fund investing Download

    • Issue 2

      A record surplus: National Presidents AGM report, and CEOs AGM Report, April 2004. Download

      Commodities - a strategic investment in uncertain times Download

      Cracking down on money laundering and terrorist financing Download

      Finalising CLERP 9 Download

      International accounting standards under pressure Download

      National finance and investment week Download

      Planning for success: CEO's Report Download

      The buy-write strategy versus the index portfolio Download

      The impact of private placements and capital structure changes on technical analysis Download

      The risks of crediting rates Download

      The takeovers debate and accountability Download

      Understanding the options in strategic decisions and investments Download

    • Issue 1

      Absolute returns: a guide to hedge funds Download

      Hanging out the dirty money laundry Download

      IAS: Headlong into trouble? Download

      Institute comments on the draft CLERP 9 Bill Download

      Institute supports ASX exposure draft on new capital raising Download

      Managing licensee conflicts of interest: CEO's Report Download

      Property - are current risk management practices appropriate? Download

      Risk and return properties of fund-of-funds Download

      The future of hedge fund investing Download

      Venture capital investment trends Download

      Why are fixed income managers disadvantaged? Download

  • 2003
    • Issue 4

      Do stock markets react to the re-rating of sovereign risk? Download

      Institute has wins with CLERP 9 (CEOs Report) Download

      Investment director turnover and the impact on performance Download

      Managing SPI risk: using Value at Risk in equity futures markets Download

      Rowan Ross retires from National Council Download

      The role of emissions trading in Asian clean energy finance Download

      The value of adding corporate bonds to Australian fixed-interest portfolios Download

      Understanding implied volatility and market stress in equity and fixed interest markets Download

    • Issue 3

      A golden rule in risk management Download

      Accounting standards: new rules, new game Download

      ED 108 - exposing the flaws Download

      Investing in product management Download

      Is superannuation really taxed concessionally? Download

      New accounting rules Download

      Options, governance and continuous disclosure (CEO's Report) Download

      Superannuation funds: fees and performance Download

      The emasculation of accounting standard setting in Australia Download

      The transparent corporation Download

    • Issue 2

      A year of growth - Presidents report Download

      Demergers - where is the value? Download

      Developing good corporate governance Download

      A guide to venturing your capital Download

      Executive options: dont throw baby out with the bathwater Download

      From strength to strength...CEOs Report Download

      Global financial reporting: a reality? Download

      Sector diversification, home-country bias and global investments Download

      Students gain SIA membership - CEO's report Download

      Super funds and proxy voting Download

      The Vietnam securities market Download

      Valuation bias in projects with tax losses Download

    • Issue 1

      Accounting for employee options Download

      Are active fund managers more successful? Download

      Australian fixed interest management - the sure nickel versus the uncertain dollar Download

      Best practice disclosure guide for ASAF Asian region Download

      EBITDA as an indicator of earnings quality Download

      Expensing stock options: the way ahead. Download

      Just another crisis? Download

      Progress - thats his policy Download

      Project finance in Asia Pacific: practical case studies Download

      Realigning the Institutes courses - CEO's Report Download

      Survey shows advisors taking responsibility for disclosure failures Download

      The performance of active equity fund managers Download

  • 2002
    • Issue 4

      Australias takeover rules: how good are they? Download

      Do active managers really outperform? Download

      Estimating the risk profile of hedge fund returns Download

      Exposure to disclosure. Download

      Successes, concerns and education updates. Download

      The growing acceptance of backdoor listings. Download

      The inaugural Australasian Investment Management Conference: a resounding success. Download

    • Issue 3

      Booms, bubbles and balloons. Download

      Continuous disclosure - outcomes vs enforcement. Download

      Corporate Reporting needs constant improvement Download

      Rollover relief for company demergers. Download

      Size matters when investing in global equities. Download

      Summary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Download

      The failure of corporate governance at Enron. Download

    • Issue 2

      Alternatives to sector selection. Download

      Auditor independence. Download

      Australian dollar hedging strategies Download

      Bringing financial instruments to account. Download

      Estimating the cost of Australian equity capital. Download

      Financial planners confront more change. Download

      Fleas and elephants. Download

      Reform Action Needed. Download

      Sustainability risk and the capital markets. Download

    • Issue 1

      Ethics and her majestys household. Download

      Forward-looking revenue statements in prospectuses. Download

      Inside story: regulators get real. Download

      Institute policy successes. Download

      Knowing how to hedge your bets. Download

      Leigh Hall retires from the Institute after over 25 years of service. Download

      Living up to the promise of SRI. Download

      The broking industry and cultural differences. Download

      The goodwill game Download

      The lessons of the 1987 sharemarket crash. Download

      Traps in mining valuations. Download

      Understanding equity research ethics Download

      Valuing intangible assets provides new challenges Download

  • 2001
    • Issue 4

      All about EVA and financial analysis Download

      Banking on the JORC Code Download

      Investment growth in the greenhouse Download

      Outsourcing - An imperative for survival Download

      Portable alpha strategies offer greater scope Download

      Rating the performance of active fund managers Download

      SIA plays its part Download

      The future of Real Options Download

      You want me to do WHAT? Ethical dilemmas in financial planning Download

    • Issue 3

      Best practice guidelines for research reports Download

      The financial sorceror’s apprentice - Book review - Charles Munger : Damn right! - Biography of Bershire Hathaway Billionare Download

      Corporations Law win Download

      Disentangling value, growth, and the equity risk premium Download

      Estimating market risk premium Download

      Interpreting performance attribution reports. Download

      Best practice guidelines for research reports Download

      Portfolio performance is not the only criteria. Download

      Sustainability and ethical funds management Download

      The challenge of ethical standards in divorce proceedings Download

      The characteristics and strategies of Australian investment managers Download

      The new model index fund: Why exchange-traded options are gathering fans Download

      Toeholds and bids Download

    • Issue 2

      A life of distinction Download

      Banking without banks: Traditional methods fall to the Internets irrestible force Download

      Financial survival of the fittest: Using genetic algorithms for investment decision-making. Download

      If it aint broke..... Download

      In praise of inefficiency: Is the EMH really just a theory of mediocre returns? Download

      Mines of information: How Australia shows the way in worldwide resources reporting Download

      Memories of a gentlemen’s club Download

      Nothing ventured, 165% not gained Download

      Private enterprise: Why Australia is getting interested in private equity fund investing. Download

      Quick answers: New look Takeovers Panel puts runs on the board Download

      Square tomatoes and ethical algorithms Download

      SRI: Value from virtue: The changing face of socially responsible investment Download

    • Issue 1

      Fractal scaling and Black-Scholes : the full story: A new view of long-range dependence in stock prices Download

      Happy 35th Birthday! Institute can look back on outstanding achievements Download

      How green is my portfolio? Companies earn high marks for morals Download

      Indexing - the cheap middle ground Download

      Indexing - the fundamental difference: Investors should understand what they are buying Download

      New economy, new worries: High flying stocks are suffering credibility problems Download

      Prosperity, the US and us Download

      Revolving doors, musical chairs and portfolio performance Download

      The disappearing returns: Why dividend imputation has not reduced the cost of capital Download

      The prizes of privatisation: Why some companies should be taken out of public hands Download

      What price weather? Outlook fine for temperature derivatives Download

  • 2000
    • Issue 4

      SRI takes a giant step forward: A slow process, but ethics becoming legitimate Download

    • Issue 3

      ASIC adopts flexible approach to briefings Download

      Board stalwarts stand down Download

      Capital misadventure: Why going-it-alone is holding back Australian investment Download

      Digging for dross? The economic performance of an old industry Download

      EMH is alive and well: Is being active just a waste of energy? Download

      Emission possible: The greenhouse market Download

      Getting into debt: Why Australian investors need an active retail debt market Download

      Getting what you want: Structuring outcomes with overlays Download

      Giving substance to intangibles: How we can do better than IAS 38 Download

      Global market, global regulation: How the world is changing for the investors guardians Download

      Great expectations: How a view of the future affects the present Download

      How much to hedge - who knows? Financial risk management in Australian companies Download

      Income securities: A storm turns to fair weather Download

      Index: boring or bountiful? Where are the active returns from Australian bond funds? Download

      Managing very nicely Download

      Roslyn Allan: the gift of leadership Download

      Softer approach, firmer result Download

      States of confusion Download

      States, Commonwealth put on the gloves: Challenges to Australias federal corporate law Download

      The Kyoto Protocol Download

      The right way: New forum offers a guiding hand on ethical issues Download

      The stockmarket magic of dotcom: What happens when a hot issues market cools down Download

      The triple bottom line: What the good guys are putting in the annual report Download

      Venturing into a new era Download

      We have problems: Twenty-three issues for investment managers to solve Download

      Wealth - real and imagined Download

      Worth the risk: How to win venture capital funding Download

    • Issue 2

      Defying market gravity: Whats in a name Download

      Digital dé[email protected] vu Download

      Does the future matter? Forget the crystal ball, it might be lying Download

      E-commerce and acts of faith Download

      How to make information useful Download

      Our iron takeover law: Why Australia needs a mandatory bid rule Download

      Stand by for an e-mortgage boom: How online home loans will change the shape of the market Download

      The benefit of experience Download

      The new Economy: Mirage or miracle Download

      The problems of being passive: Evaluating the merits of an index investment strategy Download

      The web: Where financial information belongs: How to report in the Internet Age Download

    • Issue 1

      ASIC Proposals may go too far Download

      Capital Market Revolution - The Future of Markets in an Online World Download

      Challenging year takes shape Download

      Do active funds deliver? How market timing and security selection performance shapes up Download

      Ethics under the carpet: Why codes of conduct cant produce better boards Download

      Fair exchange: Getting the best out of transition management Download

      Globalisation - our unstoppable destiny: Investors prepare for a new economic architecture Download

      Hypergrowth: A never-ending guessing game? Valuing technology stocks an analysts work of art Download

      Inefficient markets and irrational investors: Looking for logic in the mathematics of value Download

      The art of riding a cycle: RBA highlights the importance of maintaining the balance Download

      The truth about Y2K: How Australias financial markets coped with a non-crisis Download

      This uncertain world Download

      Whose guess is as good as mine? For 2000, the economists crystal ball goes cloudy Download

  • 1999
    • Issue 12

      Contribute to JASSA Download

    • Issue 11

      [Subject] Index for 1999 (to JASSA) Download

      A word of welcome Download

      At last: Inflation derivatives: Managing the impact of the GST on shareholder value Download

      Author Index for 1999 (to JASSA) Download

      Buying trouble? How to manage conflicts in MBOs Download

      Carving up the costs: Winners and losers in the fight for fees Download

      Dodgy data: How not to construct a quant model Download

      Getting their measure: EPS or OCF\S? Depends on your point of view Download

      JASSA Contents Page Download

      JASSA reprints Download

      New members admitted between 1 August and 30 September 1999. Download

      Takeovers: A stronger panel Download

      The JASSA Prize Download

    • Issue 4

      New structure brings benefits for members Download

      Tomorrows Institute: A new Institute shape for the new millenium Download

  • 1998
  • 1997
  • 1996
  • 1995
    • Issue 4

      Goodwill and Bad Ideas Download

      Nothing Ventured: Our Absent Appetite for Alternative Assets Download

      Wanted: Provisional Leadership Download

      Understanding Imputation: Another Voice Download

      Finding Money for Gold: Trends in Mine Financing Download

      Prepayment Penalties: Why MBS Investors Demand a Premium Download

      SIA: Change Takeover Law Download

    • Issue 3

      Arranged Marriages: A Subtler Form of Takeover Download

      Practice Makes Perfect Download

      Unlisted Numbers: What Investors Expect in Return Download

      Precious Metals: Miners May Hold A Key to the Future Download

      Dividends, Shares and the Options: DRP Alternatives Download

      Struggling with Imputation: A Case for Adjusting Cashflows Download

      Last Days of the Credit Union Download

      Shifts and Twists – How Interest Rates Move Download

    • Issue 2

      Capital: More Than Adequate Download

      Pollyanna Profits: Why Some Managers Fear AASB Download

      Islamic Banking: A Matter of No Interest Download

      Mine Field: After Mabo Miners Find Themselves Bogged Down Download

      The Herbert Hoover Legacy Download

      Zinc or Swim: More Traps for Mine Valuers Download

      Clipping The Hedge: A Question for Cross-Border Investors Download

      Arrested Development – Our Missing Industrial Policy Development Download

    • Issue 1

      Do Independent Experts Earn Their Keep Download

      Spade Work – How Miners Value Resources Download

      Valuation with Imputation: What it Means to the Cost of Capital Download

      Zero Curve – Something More Than Nothing Download

      Managed Mytopia: Importance of the Overlay Download

      Marching Out of Step Download

  • 1994
    • Issue 4

      Asset Allocation: The Buck Stops Where? Download

      The Siren Song of Past Performance Download

      China – The New Capitalist Economy Download

      The Price of Ignorance Download

      Leap Into Lepos Download

      MBS Risk Premiums – Just an Illusion? Download

      Can Corporate Governance Add Value? Download

      Takeover Makeover – What The Market Thinks Download

    • Issue 3

      Reform School: How New Zealand Taught the Rest a Lesson Download

      Numbing Numbers – But Do They Add up? Download

      Iceberg Options: More than Meets the Eye Download

      Valuing Vendor Securities: Escrow and Other Demons Download

      Mining and Meaning: Resource Nations Come to Terms Download

      Securitisation: Helps and Hinderances Download

      ANN – A Good Little Learner Download

      Equality – It’s Contagious Download

    • Issue 2

      Offer Prices and Prospectuses: An Open Question Download

      New Floats: Why Investors Run Hot and Cold Download

      Where Angels Should Not Fear To Tread Download

      Lifeblood or Luxury? Download

      Managing the Manager Download

      NBFI – Non-Bank or Non-Anything Download

      Taking Stock: SFE Gets a Share of the Action Download

      Employee Share Plans: Who Wins? Download

    • Issue 1

      Cruel Tax? Download

      Guess Work: Estimation Risk and Portfolio Performance Download

      Asset Allocation: Doing it in Style Download

      Balancing Acts – How Managers Count the Cost Download

      The Pitfalls of Messing with Maths Download

      Licensed to Deal Download

      Property – More Volatile Than You Thought Download

      Risky Business – Managers, Mismatches and Measures Download

      The Quant Report: Bespoken Attribution Download

  • 1993
    • Issue 4

      Dividends or Growth? Download

      ASAC Review: Here Comes The Multidomestic Conglomerate Download

      Synthetic Funding: Hiding the Economic Reality? Download

      Lessons from a Retired Banker Download

      A New Look At Due Diligence Download

      Targeted Stock: Will It Hit The Mark? Download

    • Issue 3

      Derivatives – Friend or Foe? Download

      Derivatives – The How and Why Download

      Capital Punishment – Or Just a Headache for Banks? Download

      Mums, Dads and Ugly Sisters Download

      Alpha – The Financial Pimpernel Download

      Charming the Shareholders Download

      No Liability? No Way Download

      Grand Design or Gross Debacle? Download

      Filthy Lucre Download

    • Issue 2

      Bigger Job For Boardroom Vigilantes Download

      Fair Shares – Why Directors Must Trade Carefully Download

      Is Due Diligence Getting Out Of Control? Download

      Rowan Ross, A Logical Man Download

      IWT Slamming The Door On Asia Download

      Unlisted Equity Investments – Win Some, Lose Some Download

      R&D: Dying of Starvation? Download

      Mining Investment: Worth The Risk? Download

      Bank Liquidity – What You See is What You Get Download

      Getting Real About Yields Download

    • Issue 1

      Free Lunch For Super Funds Download

      The Asset Valuation Fiasco Download

      Golden Triangle Futures Options Swaps Download

      Options – Taking The Fear Out Of FX Download

      The Philippines – An Almost Open Door Download

      Mediators, Not Gladiators Download

      Foreign Securities and the New Order Download

      Odd Lots – How They Add Up For Everyone's Benefit Download

      Genetic Algorithms Download

  • 1992
    • Issue 4

      Wanted: Corporate Whistle-Blowers Download

      Underwriters Can't be Overcareful Download

      Regulation With A Light Touch Download

      The Deadly Sins of Treasury Download

      A New Age Dawn For ADR's Download

      E For Effort, Earnings, Efficiency Download

      Capitalising Brands – Just Name-Dropping? Download

      Hedging and the Role of the Exploding Lattice Download

    • Issue 3

      Call Of Duty – Loud But Not Clear Download

      Going Public: Why Directors Should Tell All Download

      Automation – ASX Does It Better Download

      The Banks: Giving Us What We Deserve Download

      A Crystal Ball For Cashflow Valuations Download

      The Ethical Side Of Investment Download

      The Benefits of Buying Abroad Download

      Risk/Return: Don't Take It For Granted Download

      Location, Location – And Who's Paying The Rent? Download

    • Issue 2

      Directors Face A Tougher Future Download

      Keeping Corporate Law in Balance Download

      Super: Policy in Search of Reality Download

      Valuing Mastheads – Fact or Fiction? Download

      Should Funds Take Bigger Risks Download

      Where to Invest? Ask The Computer Download

      Why Managers Put Marks On Benches Download

    • Issue 1

      The A To B Of Our Two Stockbrokers Download

      A Super Challenge: Keeping It Simple Download

      A Tape-Measure On The Money Managers Download

      Helping Science To Find Its Own Feet Download

      Credit Exposure And Returns From Swaps Download

  • 1991
    • Issue 4

      Our Own Trade Bloc: Not That Easy Download

      Why We Need A New Economic Vision Download

      Making A Liquid Property Market Download

      MBSs – A Balance-Sheet Question Download

      Bright Future For Indonesian Markets Download

      The Subtle Art Of Redefining Truth Download

      Risk/Return: How To Learn From History Download

      Can DCFs Succeed Where MICs Fail? Download

      New Laws To Help Stop The Cheats Download

    • Issue 3

      Where Has All The Capital Gone? Download

      How To Make Risk Irresistible Download

      Breathing Life Into Property Markets Download

      Oil Exploration At Bottom Of The Barrel Download

      T+5 Equals Major Investor Benefits Download

      Telling The Truth About Your Assets Download

      Warrants Get Their Foothold On ASX Download

      Low Inflation And Investment Plans Download

      Traps In Reading Volatility Charts Download

    • Issue 1

      Thailand's Road to Success Download

      Securitisation: It's Made Its Mark Download

      Ups and Downs of Credit Ratings Download

      Getting the Truth to the Shareholders Download

      Cashflow Reporting – Back to Basics Download

      Cashflow Standard Needed, Says Sia Download

      Politics and the Calculated Risk Download

      Public or Private – Where Are We? Download

      Financial Physicist Download

  • 1990
  • 1989
  • 1988
  • 1987
  • 1986
    • Issue 3

      Portfolio Insurance: What is it and How is it Implemented? Download

      Japanese Markets Download

      Risk and Return from Equity Investments in the Australian Mining Industry Download

      Robe River Limited and Peso Wallsend Limited Download

      When Gold is Not Where You Found It Download

    • Issue 2

      Conflict of Interest Download

      Investment in Exploration: The Junior Australian Company View Download

      Investment in Exploration: The North American View Download

      Changes in Media and the Herald and Weekly Times Limited Download

      Comalco Limited Download

      Professionalism and Professional Education of Investment Advisers' Part 1 Download

      Professionalism and Professional Education of Investment Advisers' Part 2 Download

    • Issue 1

      Acquisition Opportunities for Australian Companies in the U.S. Download

      Some Observations on Economic Conditions and Policy Download

      Analysing Financial Statements: How Many Variables Should We Look At? Download

      Q.C.T. Management Limited Download

      Marketing Australian and Barrack Technology Overseas Download

  • 1985
    • Issue 4

      Australia's Chronic Deficit Download

      Loan Pricing: An Option Pricing Model Approach Download

      The Investment Advice Industry Download

      Risks in Lending to Groups of Companies Download

    • Issue 3

      Australian Corporate Funding through the U.S. Public Debt Market Download

      The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited Download

      Mist I Kiss the Frogs? Download

      The New Australian Secondary Mortgage Market Download

      CRA's Response to Trends in International Markets Download

      Australian Indexed Bonds Download

    • Issue 2

      The White Knight Defence: Can a Target Company be an Associate? Download

      Managing Diversified Companies Download

      Apples and Oranges: Comparing Leveraged Lease Tenders Download

      Options and Futures a Technical Appraisal Download

      Australian Mining: The Long Term Outlook for Investment Returns in the 1990's Download

      Leasing and Accounts Presentation: Does it Distort Investment Decisions? Download

    • Issue 1

      Options on Debt Instruments for Australian Investment Managers Download

      International Investment Download

      Some Shareholder Reactions to Annual Report Information Download

      The Next Recession – Not If, But When and How Bad Download

      IEL's Offshore Opportunities Download

      Why the Australian Dollar Fell in February 1985 Download

      The Business of Advertising Download

  • 1984
    • Issue 4

      The Growing Internationalisation of Securities Markets – Implications for Australia Download

      The Investment Valuation of Oil Exploration Areas Download

      The Future for Investment in Minerals Download

      Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure Managing Through Synthetic Options Download

      Australian Merchant Banking – Twenty Five Years Young Download

    • Issue 3

      Seasonal Liquidity Swings with a Floating Dollar Download

      Oil and Gas Financing Recent Innovations Download

      Castlemaine Tooheys Limited Download

      Foreign Exchange Options Download

    • Issue 2

      Vapocure Limited Download

      The Management of International Venture Capital Download

      The Brave New World Download

      Zinc: An Industry Responds to the "Elegant Revolution" Download

      BHP and the Next Five Years Download

      Steaming Coal Set to Out-Perform Coking Coal in Long Term Download

    • Issue 1

      Securities Market Structural Issues and Challenges Download

      Licensing of Investment Advisers/Dealers Download

      The Valuation of Mineral Properties to Meet Stock Exchange Requirements: The Exploration Company Viewpoint Download

      Consolidated Rutile Limited Download

      Corporate Liquidity Management: Where is Research Needed? Download

  • 1983
    • Issue 4

      A New Genre Indicator Futures Download

      Project Finance Information: What the Banks need to Feed on Download

      Redeemable Preference Share Financing Download

      Does International Investment by Australian Companies Show Superior Performance? Download

      MIM and Its Future Download

      Cash Management Trusts – The First Three Years Download

    • Issue 3

      The Analysis and Interpretation of Funds Statements Download

      CSR and Project Finance Download

      Gold Prospects in Australasia Download

      Can Sydney Futures Exchange Prices be Exploited Profitably? Download

      Techniques of Regulation of Securities Markets in Mixed Economy Download

      Bond Futures and their Implications Download

      Latest Trends in Australian Oil Exploration Download

      A Return of Confidence Download

    • Issue 2

      Valuations of Resource-Based Enterprises Download

      Brokerage Competition and Capital Market Efficiency Download

      Valuation and the Cost of Capital Download

      The Role of Experts and Exchanges in New Mining Listings Download

      Considerations in Gold Mine Project Financing Download

      Manufacturing Industry – A Matter of Great Urgency Download

      Futures Broker's Negligence? Download

      Metals Exploration Limited and North Kalguri Mines Limited Download

      Australian Oil – The Dying Entrepreneur Download

    • Issue 1

      CRA Limited Download

      Interest Rate Swaps Download

      Leighton Holdings Limited Download

      Bonus Share Issues in Australia Download

      An Investigation of the Investment Returns of Large Superannuation Funds 1978–1981 Download

      Corporate Profitability, Inflation and the Australian Capital Market Download

  • 1982
    • Issue 4

      The Decline of Australia's Resources Economy Download

      Superannuation Fund Managers – How do they Rate? Download

      Howard Smith Limited Download

      Put Options and the Australian Options Market Download

      The Case for Roxby Downs Download

    • Issue 3

      Why Portfolio Managers Should be Using Beta Factors Download

      Off–Balance Sheet Financing the State of the Art in Australia Download

      The Classification of Returns from an Investment in Fixed or 'Nil' Interest Securities Download

      How Will the Semi and Local Authorities Fund Themselves in the 1980's Download

    • Issue 2

      Challenges for the Independent Australian Petroleum Exploration Companies Download

      Energy Project Financing After Woodside Download

      Towards a Better Understanding of Ore Reserves Download

      Merchant Banking at the Crossroads Download

      Venture Capital for Small Business in Australia: Myth or Reality? Download

      The Evaluation of Independent Experts Advice on Takeover Offers an Economics Finance Perspective Download

    • Issue 1

      Westpac Banking Corporation – The Merger and Beyond Download

      The Share Price Movements During 1971–1980 Download

      The Necessity for Establishment of a Sophisticated Australian Petroleum Banking System Download

      The Case for an Australian Stock Index Futures Contract Download

      Evolution of Leveraged Leasing in Australia Download

  • 1981
    • Issue 4

      Investing in Asia: Sources of Information Download

      Importance of Australian Resource Developments in the 80's Download

      Share Market Volume and Transaction Response to Federal Elections Download

      Financial Statements and Economic Reality: Underpinning the Tanner Doubts Download

    • Issue 3

      Australian Bank and Banking in the 80's Download

      Ore Reserve Reporting Practices of Major Australian Mining Companies Download

      The Effect of Diversification on Australian Portfolios: An Analysis Download

      Foreign and Domestic Ownership and Control of Australian Download

      Option Pricing: Inputs, Misspecification and Alternative Models Download

    • Issue 2

      Exposure Draft: Accounting for Leases Download

      The Pricing of Options: An Overview Download

      Sharing the Benefits of the Resources Boom with the Small Investor Download

      Woodside's Financing of the North West Shelf Project Download

    • Issue 1

      The Commonwealth Bank Bond Indices Download

      The Effect of Diversifications on Australia Portfolios Download

      Can Shareholders Rely on Reports Prepared by Accountants and Auditors Download

  • 1980
    • Issue 4

      The Effect of Change on Portfolio Structure Download

      Section 23 of the Commonwealth Companies Download

      Changing Patterns of Cash Flows and their Implications for Financial Markets Download

      Futures Market Opportunities for the Fixed Interest Manager Download

    • Issue 3

      Opportunities in the 1980's Download

      Today's Developments – Tomorrow's Opportunities Download

      Market Performance of Mining Companies Prior to Delisting Download

      Competition in the Finance Sector Download

    • Issue 2

      Australian Companies Code – Ninth Schedule Download

      LPG – The Energy Scene Download

      Towards an Efficient, Competitive and Informed Market Download

      Mining Finance Houses – Changes in the 80's Download

      Outlook for Energy and Nuclear Power Download

    • Issue 1

      Australia's Streel Industry Today and Tomorrow Download

      What Investors Want Download

      CSR Limited Download

      Australia Moves Towards a Secondary Mortgage Market Download

  • 1979
  • 1978
    • Issue 4

      The World Economy and the US Dollar Download

      The Conventional Options Market Download

      Setting Underwriting Fee Download

    • Issue 3

      "Offshore Funding" The Oversea's Bankers Role Download

      The Domestic Banker's Role Download

      The Borrower Download

      Equity Sub Underwriting Survey Download

      The Bank's Share of the Financial Sector – The Trend and its Consequences Download

    • Issue 2

      What Should Go Into Published Financial Accounts? Download

      Published Investment Recommendations and Share Prices: Are there Free Lunches in Security Analysis Download

      How to Finance Development Download

      Changes in the Australian Short Term Money Markets Download

    • Issue 1

      Uranium on the Move Download

      The Money Supply and Share Prices: An Examination of Australian Evidence Download

      Interest Rate Forecasting in an Inflationary Environment Download

      Accounting Should Not Reward Ignorance: The Forgotten Unskilled Investor Download

  • 1977
    • Issue 4

      Current Cost Accounting – An Investor's Viewpoint Download

      Where Will the Capital Come From? Download

      "Changes and Challenges in the Capital Market" Capital Formation – The Shifting Scene Download

      "Changes and Challenges in the Capital Market" The Changing Role of the Banks Download

      "Changes and Challenges in the Capital Market" The Market Response Download

    • Issue 3

      Scrip Pooling Download

      Options and Tax – A Comment Download

      Share Price Behaviour on Ex-Dividend Dates Download

      Could you Pass the 1977 S.I.A. Exams? Download

    • Issue 2

      Will Australian Investors Get Index Funds? Download

      What Happened to Index Funds? Download

      Negotiated Brokerage Download

      The Effect of Taxation on the Valuation of Options Download

    • Issue 1

      Let's Give a Decent Burial to the Invisible Hand Download

      The Prediction of Corporate Failure Download

      Yields – What you see is What You Occasionally Get Download

  • 1976
    • Issue 4

      C.C.A. A Response From The Market Place Download

      Financial Ratios As Predictions of Company Acquisitions Download

      Ratio Analysis: Applications, Limitations and Dangers – A Perspective Download

    • Issue 3

      A Stock Exchange View on Securities Industry Legislation Download

      The Measurement of Mutual Fund Performance in Australia Download

      Towards an Effective Scrip System Download

      Filter Tests and Market Efficiency Download

      The Present Role of the Stock Market in Fund Raising Download

      A New Approach to the Valuation and Quotation of Fixed Interest Securities Download

    • Issue 2

      Advantages of a Scrip Repository for the Stock Exchange That Has One Download

      Option Writing in the Australian Options Market Download

      Information Requirements of Australian Investors Download

      The Wider Role of Australian Banking Download

      Filter Tests on Share Prices Download

      Investing in Asia Download

    • Issue 1

      Inflation and Accounting Download

      The A.S.I.A. Educational Programme Download

      Insurance Risk Management Download

      A Report on First Asian Securities Industry Forum Manila Download

      How Stockbrokers Could Reduce their Overdrafts and Interest Expense Download

      A review of Shann Turnbull's book — Democratising the wealth of nations Download

  • 1975
    • Issue 5

      Inflation and Accounting – A Challenge to Change Download

      Divisional Disclosure – An Industry View Download

      The Investment Implications of Increased Brokerage Rates Download

      Continuously Contemporary Accounting Download

      The Intelligent Application of the Principles of Current Purchasing Power (CPP) Accounting Download

      Need of Users – An Analysts View Download

      Inflation and Accounting – A Review of the Present Position in Australia Download

      Maintenance of Operating Capacity – In An Inflationary Environment Download

      Monetary Items and Indices Download

    • Issue 4

      Accounting and Inflation, An Examination of Replacement Costs Download

      Superannuation, Life of Offices and Inflation – The Failure of the System Download

      Notes on the Australian Sugar Industry Download

      Control Portfolio Investment Download

    • Issue 3

      Divisional Disclosure Download

      Accounting and Inflation, An Examination of the C.P.P. Method Download

      The Dilemma of a Resource Based Industry Download

      How Should We Measure Capital Returns? Download

    • Issue 2

      Are Sugar Stocks Undervalued? Download

      The Force of Currency Debasement Download

      Submission to the Inquiry into Inflation and Taxation Download

    • Issue 1

      Quarterly Wage Indexation and Income Shares Download

      Accounting for Inflation Download

      Limits of Corporate Growth from Taxation to Inflation Download

  • 1974
  • 1973
    • Issue 10

      Animal Spirits or Cold Calculation: An Introduction to Investment Appraisal Download

      Retailing – Today and Tomorrow Download

      The Liberal View on Government Economic Management Download

    • Issue 9

      The Inadequacy of Current Legislation on Corporate Download

      Should Analysts Emphasise Quality Rather than Quality of Financial Information Download

      Canada's Economic Outlook Forecast for 1973 to 1975 Download

    • Issue 8

      Investment in the Australian Mining Industry – What is the Future? Download

      An Introduction to Mining Download

      The Mineral Industry and Australian Development Download

      The Mineral Industry Under Labor Download

      The Australian Banking Industry Download

    • Issue 7

      Australian Industry Development Corporation: Its Present and Future Role Download

      The Meat Industry Download

      Hogging the Business Download

    • Issue 6

      The Mineral Exploration Crisis in Australia Download

      The Prices Justification Tribunal: What's in Store for Investors Download

      Panel Discussion on Open Day – First Portfolio Management Seminar, Macquarie University Download

    • Issue 5

      The Efficient Market Concept Download

      The Case for and Against Establishment of Securities and Exchange Commission in Australia Download

      Portfolio Management Seminar Impressions Download

    • Issue 4

      The Securities Industry in Canada Download

      The Future of Property Development Download

      Standards for Interim Information Download

      An Enquiry into Net Tangible Asset Backing Download

    • Issue 3

      The Dynamics of the Australian Economy Download

      Trends in the Investment of the Funds of Australian Life Insurance Companies Download

    • Issue 2

      The Stock Market in Hong Kong Download

      The Mining Investment Analyst: Different or the Same? Download

      Managing and International Investment Fund Download

    • Issue 1

      Economics of Natural Gas Development Download

      The Trouble with Earnings Download

      On Communication Between Brokers, Research Analysts and Institutions Download

      The Influence of Analysts Download

  • 1972
  • 1971
    • Issue 10

      Controls and the Mobilisation of Capital Download

    • Issue 9

      The Activities of the Resource Bank Download

      Notes on the Fulfilment of A.A.S.E. Official List of Requirements by Mining Companies Download

    • Issue 8

      The Background to Japanese Portfolio Investment in Australia Download

      Hedge Against Inflation? An Exercise in Simple Arithmetic Download

      How to Make Your Merger Unsuccessful Download

    • Issue 7

      Share Valuation: Its Significance Download

    • Issue 6

      The Role of the Professional Director Download

      Changes in the Brick Industry Download

      The Australian Oilseed Industry Download

    • Issue 5

      The Victorian Bill to Amend the Companies Act Download

      The Place for the Independent Operator in the Computer Industry Download

      Residential School on Security Analysis Download

      Stock Option Underwriting Download

    • Issue 4

      The Use of Price Earnings Ratios and Discontinued Cash Flow in the Valuation of Companies Download

    • Issue 3

      Report on David Jones Download

    • Issue 2

      The Growth of Multinational Companies and their Financial Requirements Download

    • Issue 1

      The Need to Constantly Review the Activities of the Diversified Company Download

      A Summary of the Investigation into the Use Made of Published Accounting Reports in Australia Download

  • 1970
    • Issue 1

      Education for Tomorrow's Security Analyst Download

      Contemporary Developments in Company Reporting - A Shareholder's view Download

  • 1969
  • 1968
  • 1967
  • 1966
  • 1965
    • Issue 4

      Some Critical Views on the Melbourne Symposium Download

      Investment Decisions: A New Approach Download

      Investment Decisions - Paper 2 Download

      Historical Growth, Guide to Future? Download

      Share Price Factors Download

      Trade Practices Bill - Some Implications Download

    • Issue 3

      Earnings per Share: Further Comments Download

      Shopping on the Burse Download

      Portfolio diversification: Further thoughts Download

      Success or Failure? Corporate Diversification Download

      Presidential Address: Society Gains Acceptance Download

      International Liquidity Problems and Proposals Download

    • Issue 2

      Portfolio Diversification Download

      Accounting for Inflation Download

    • Issue 1

      Earnings Per Share, Adjusted For New Issues: Some Comments Download

      New Methods for Large Dealings Download

      Legal Responsibility of Investment Advisers Download

      Return on Capital Employed Download

  • 1962