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Dividend imputation: is there a case for change?

In a special section of JASSA: The FINSIA Journal of Applied Finance, leading academics explore the effects of the dividend imputation system on the Australian finance sector.

Previous investigations

Funding transformative innovation to take Australian fintechs to the next level

The national conversation about innovation is getting more sophisticated, but what about the practicalities of getting fintechs up and running?


Financial integration in the Asia-Pacific: Fact and fiction

As emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region receive an increasing share of global cross-border banking flows, it is essential to understand Australia’s financial integration in the region or risk falling behind.

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Encouraging corporate turnarounds

Australia’s insolvent trading laws are among the harshest in the world and put a struggling company’s directors in a position of conflict. Introducing safe harbour laws, supporting the appointment of restructuring specialists to assist management teams and suspending ipso facto clauses during restructuring efforts would help facilitate turnarounds a Finsia roundtable found.

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Your income in retirement

By 2040 it is expected that Australia's superannuation system will hold $9 trillion in assets. With an ageing population the challenge of ensuring sustainable retirement income is becoming increasingly important to the future wellbeing of Australians.

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