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The Financial Services Institute of Australasia's origins date back to 1886 when the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance was established by a group of bankers to drive improvements in professional practice and high standards of conduct. Members of FINSIA are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, which is supported by a robust disciplinary process.


FINSIA’s origins date back to the first meeting of the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF) on 21 July 1886 when more than 250 bankers met to promote "the dissemination of professional knowledge and sound banking practice".
Active Members
Over 10,000 members and 13,000 graduates belong to FINSIA's professional community who are dedicated to raising professional standards of competency and conduct for the betterment of a sustainable community.


About us


FINSIA is an advocate for the financial services profession, providing practitioners with professional qualifications, continuous professional development (CPD), and a professional community to advance their professional career and standing in the community.

About us

Membership Status


FINSIA post nominals recognise an individuals' professional status/contribution in the financial services industry.

About us

Not For Profit

FINSIA is a not-for-profit membership organisation to benefit professionals, consumers, and society.


Personal Accountability

Expectations of individual accountability and ethical behaviour are at the forefront of FINSIA’s long-term professionalisation strategy to drive customer trust and pride in the industry.


Professional Qualifications

FINSIA's internationally recognised professional qualifications are a global passport to the local market.


Established Commitment

FINSIA has over 130 years heritage of driving high standards of professional conduct and competency.


The Facilitator

FINSIA helps to facilitate the development of measurable standards of conduct and competence to embed professionalism in financial services.


Trust in Financial Services

FINISA members' contribution in raising standards of conduct and competence is key to ensuring financial services is recognised as a professional industry, with widespread trust throughout society.

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FINSIA’s core mission as a not-for-profit industry-wide membership body is to embed professionalism in financial services through enhanced, measurable standards of conduct and competence.

Business Strategy

We recognise the current challenges facing the financial services sector, the appetite for change and the need for a professional industry body to help restore pride and trust in the financial services community by raising standards of professionalism. 


To ensure we adhere to the objectives outlined in our Codes of Conduct, we are governed and guided by our Board, comprising FINSIA members and industry professionals.

Our Team

Our executive leadership team and Board, which comes from across all the major banks and financial institutions, has decades of experience to bring to the task of rebuilding trust and raising standards across the financial services sector.

Annual Reports

Each year we record our progress, highlight our achievements and publish financial information as required by legislation.

Media Releases

FINSIA plays an active role in advocating for professionalism on behalf of its members by engaging in public dialogue on important issues relating to the financial services sector providing commentary, information and analysis to key media, government officials, regulators, and industry bodies

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