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FINSIA Calls for Expressions of Interest for Non-executive Directors

FINSIA — the Financial Services Institute of Australasia — is Australasia’s leading membership organisation for the financial services industry.

FINSIA's heritage is over 130 years of progressing financial service knowledge and conduct to high standards. More importantly than ever FINSIA is the connector of key stakeholders, industry regulators, government and education providers to help deepen trust in financial services by raising standards of professionalism. FINSIA enables the advancement of competence and integrity for the benefit of professionals, customers and society.

Nominations are open for the election of FINSIA Directors in 2020. 

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Board Criteria

The Board is seeking Professional Members with experience in financial services and allied fields. Following a review of strategy and succession needs of FINSIA and its board strong experience in at least one of the following areas is sought:

  • Banking
  • Securities markets
  • Marketing/communications
  • Education delivery
  • Fintech, digital and social media.
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance

Candidates will be able to demonstrate experience working in a senior leadership position across one or more of the following areas: financial institutions, top 100 ASX listed companies, major professional services firms and/or government/regulatory bodies.

Candidates should have an understanding of corporate governance and of director’s duties and responsibilities and possess high standards of ethics, proven leadership skills, be analytically minded, solutions focused and visionary. Nominees with previous board experience or with senior executive experience in large financial institutions will be highly valued.

FINSIA’s objectives include gender equality in the governance of the organisation and diversity of experience, thought and skill set on the Board.

Nominate for the Board

Professional Members (i.e. Life Member, Senior Fellow, Fellow, Senior Associate or Associate) can nominate for the Board using the prescribed nomination form. It is the responsibility of the Director Nominations Committee to review each nomination, interview candidates and advise the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board on the suitability of each nomination.  The Director Nominations Committee conducts a rigorous interview process to ensure that the most suitable candidates are put forward.

If the number of nominations received is equal to or less than the number of positions, no ballot is required. Where an election is required, it will be held before the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). A duly appointed Returning Officer will advise members of the procedures for electronic voting via an election website. The result of the election will be declared at the AGM.

Any Director who has held office for three or more consecutive AGMs or more than three years since the AGM at which he or she was last elected must retire. Any Directors appointed since the last AGM must also retire. Retiring Directors are eligible for re-election.  Mr Alan Bardwell, Director and Ms Helen Lorigan, Director, will be eligible for re-election at the AGM, having been appointed to fill casual vacancies since the last AGM. Ms Victoria Weekes, Vice President and Director and Mr Mark Spiers, Director, will retire at the AGM and be eligible for re-election, as it will be three years since they were last elected at the AGM held on 26 May 2016.

A nomination must be received in writing using the prescribed nomination form. It must include the written consent of the candidate and be signed by two Members who are Senior Fellows. A nomination must also include a brief statement (200 words maximum) setting out the candidate’s qualifications and experience in the financial services industry and any other relevant information having regard to the skills and experience outlined above.

Nominations must be received by the Company Secretary no later than 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT) on 6 March 2020.  For candidates to be successfully considered they must address each of the selection criteria in their application.


The Constitution and By-Laws of FINSIA are available at

For any questions, contact the Company Secretary, FINSIA, Level 4, 16 Spring Street, Sydney, 2000, phone +61 2 9275 7900 or email [email protected]

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