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Professional Banking Fundamentals

Professional Banking Fundamentals


Advance your understanding and career in banking with an internationally recognised professional qualification*

The Professional Banking Fundamentals is considered the foundation standard for those who want to work in banking or who have just started their career in banking.

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Certified Professional Banker

Certified Professional Banker


Take your career in banking to the next level, specialise and branch out with an internationally recognised professional qualification.

The Certified Professional Banker consists of three modules that supports deeper skills development in specific functions including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk. 


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Chartered Banker

Chartered Banker


Reach the gold standard for leadership in banking and financial services by becoming a globally recognised Chartered Banker.

The course for ambitious executives provides all the tools necessary to develop core banking skills, strategic judgment and expertise that are vital to lead banking in a digital age. 

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Chartered Banker by Experience

Chartered Banker by Experience


Time-constrained senior executives can use years of experience to fast-track to become a Chartered Banker.

The Chartered Banker by Experience is designed for individuals who want recognition for their expertise, experience and contribution to banking, and seek an accelerated, flexible yet rigorous route to become a Chartered Banker.

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Grow as a professional and be recognised by investing in professional qualifications

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The learning experience is


Online Learning

Start anytime from any location at your own pace.



Stimulating interactive learning experience with a hands-on approach. 



Access an extensive suite of engaging learning materials.


Industry Led

Developed for the Australian market in consultation with senior industry practitioners. 


Corporate packages

These are solutions designed to align to formal professional qualifications or of specific capability development, custom built for your company’s needs.

We offer bespoke qualifications designed to meet the professional learning needs of specific groups of people in your organisation. 

We provide consultancy services to create tailor-made training programmes that are specifically aligned with your organisation's strategic learning requirements.

Continuing Professional Development

At FINSIA we offer you opportunities to develop your expertise through online resources, professional qualifications, events and publications. 

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Kate McCallum F Fin

Kate McCallum F Fin

Director and Advisor, Multiforte Financial Services

It’s exciting to work with the team at FINSIA that has a real focus on developing new ways of building capability and professionalism within the banking sector. Having a passion to think differently and to focus on what developing people will mean in terms of better customer experience will help restore trust and pride in the sector. That’s why I see such value in the collaboration between FINSIA and the Chartered Banker Institute to develop a suite of qualifications that fit the aspirations of people strategies and also work to build up credits towards Chartered Banker status.

Grant Cairns

Grant Cairns

CBA Executive General Manager Regional and Agri Business

In terms of mindset, I think the Chartered Banker is excellent in that it hones your focus on your accountabilities as a banker particularly with respect to customer outcomes, understanding your compliance and regulatory obligations and having ethical frameworks to apply sound judgement.

As Chartered Bankers, I think we are well placed to role model professional standards in the industry amongst those we lead and work with.

Victoria Weekes

Victoria Weekes

Independent Chair of OnePath Custodians

FINSIA, its members and staff, have a fabulous history of being leading advocates, thought leaders and drivers of professional standards.

At a time when the financial services industry is facing unprecedented change, with heightened community expectations, a challenging competitive environment and regulatory landscape, building professionalism across our industry and supporting our members to be the best they can is critical.

FINSIA has a range of Education products designed to cater to different career levels career and specialisation.

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