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The Chartered Banker provides all the tools necessary to develop strategic judgment and expertise needed in a digital age, alongside core banking skills including credit and risk.

Becoming a Chartered Banker will show you have the highest standards of professionalism and core banking capabilities to support banking executive regulatory requirements. It will enhance your reputation and future proof your career. Industry expertise and student feedback has been used to ensure the Chartered Banker is practical and forward focused.

Why be a Chartered Banker?
Lead by example. As a highly qualified practitioner with the detailed knowledge of modern banking needed to tackle the complex challenges facing the industry.
Enhanced skills. Staying at the cutting edge of regulation and compliance against a backdrop of daily disruption from new technology.
Pinnacle of professionalism. Showing you are the right person to lead the industry into the future, restoring trust building the best possible outcomes for business as well as customers.

Total Program Fee


To obtain the Chartered Banker qualification four modules must be completed:

Three mandatory modules

One elective module

Choose Modules
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Chartered Banker

Upon completion, graduates can use Chartered Banker post nominals.


Up to 18-24 months

The program is generally completed between 18 and 24 months.



Program structure

You will need to complete three mandatory modules and an elective module to graduate with the Chartered Banker qualification.



Start any time and complete the course at your own pace in your own time.


Accredited by Chartered Banker Institute (UK)

The internationally-recognised Chartered Banker is the gold standard industry qualification.


Made for Australia

Developed for the Australian market by FINSIA in close consultation with senior industry practitioners.

Who is this for

Our globally recognised gold standard program is for individuals who seek to achieve the highest level of excellence and professionalism in banking.

Entry Requirements

Whilst there are no formal entry requirements it is recommended that students have some banking experience and prepared to complete studies equivalent to a post graduate level professional qualification.

What’s Included

e-Learning Material

e-Learning materials reinforce key learning objectives


A comprehensive digital textbook providing core learning materials and case studies to help you build your capability

Ongoing assessment

Checkpoint exams to confirm your understanding

The learning experience is



Start anytime from any location. 




Stimulating interactive learning experience with a hands-on approach. 



Access an extensive suite of engaging learning materials.


Industry led

Developed for the Australian market by FINSIA in consultation with senior industry practitioners. 

How it works

To become a Chartered Banker, you will need to take three mandatory modules and one elective module. Together, the four modules provide a comprehensive understanding of banking in a digital age.

Mandatory Module 1/3

Choose 1 module
  • Bank Strategy, Operations & Technology
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Professionalism and Ethics

Mandatory Module 2/3

Choose 1 module
  • Bank Strategy, Operations & Technology
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Professionalism and Ethics

Mandatory Module 3/3

Choose 1 module
  • Bank Strategy, Operations & Technology
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Professionalism and Ethics

Elective Module 1/1

Choose 1 module
  • Personal and Private Banking
  • Commercial Lending
Chartered Banker Qualification

What do I get when I finish the course?

Graduates will be able to use Chartered Banker post nominals.


Chartered Banker

Upon completiton of the required modules, graduates are able to use Chartered Banker post nominals.

To keep them, students need to remain a FINSIA member and to complete 35 hours CPD per year, 21 structured and 14 hours unstructured with a minimum of five hours in ethics and integrity (as part of structured learning). Graduates of the Chartered Banker program may also be eligible to upgrade to a Fellow membership category.

Next steps

Use your expertise to give back to the industry.

Talk to us about becoming a mentor or an assessor. Help FINSIA's drive to professionalize the banking and financial services industry by becoming a member of one of our councils or committees. Or inspire the next generation of leaders by sharing your experiences and insights at one of our many events. 

Frequently asked questions



Dealer Assistant - Fixed Income, FIIG Securities

It’s exciting to work with the team at FINSIA that has a real focus on developing new ways of building capability and professionalism within the banking sector. Having a passion to think differently and to focus on what developing people will mean in terms of better customer experience, will help restore trust and pride in the sector. That’s why I see such value in the collaboration between FINSIA and the Chartered Banker Institute to develop a suite of qualifications that will fit the aspirations of people strategies and also work to build up credits towards Chartered Banker status.

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