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Program at a glance

  • 6-month long program
  • Mentee/ Mentors to meet at least six (6) hour-long sessions during the program either online or in person
  • Delivered via online mentoring platform
  • A Mentee-driven program in which mentees identify those that they wish to be mentored by
  • Mentees use the mentoring platform to create mentoring plans complete with tasks, due dates, reminders and helpful resources. 
  • There is no cost to participate in the FINSIA Mentoring Program but participants must have a membership level of Affiliate or above.
  • Once matched, Mentees and Mentors are required to complete and sign the FINSIA Mentoring Partnership Agreement which outlines protocols, responsibilities and obligations underpinning the FINSIA Mentoring Program.

Apply now to become a mentor!

Apply now to become a mentee!

Why participate in the FINSIA Mentoring Program?

For mentees

  • Your opportunity to accelerate your career through one on one support, guidance and coaching from senior financial services leaders
  • Learn about current issues and challenges that are relevant to your profession and the financial services industry
  • Gain clarity on your career plans and aspirations
  • Discuss specific challenges you may be facing in the workforce with an experienced leader
  • Grow your professional network
  • Up to 8 hours CPD

For mentors

  • Your opportunity to ‘give back’ to your professional community by sharing insights and knowledge learned throughout your career
  • Keep up to date with current issues and challenges that are relevant to the financial services industry
  • Gain new perspectives as you continue to develop your communication skills
  • Demonstrate your hands-on leadership, coaching and training skills and experience
  • Grow your professional network
  • Up to 8 hours CPD


To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

Please note that participation and matching will depend on suitable mentees and mentors applying to participate, and therefore is not guaranteed.

For mentees

  • Be a FINSIA member
  • Have membership level of Affiliate or above
  • Be willing to proactively connect with your mentor and take ownership of the relationship
  • Be willing to commit to the six month program including a time commitment of at least one hour each month to meet with your mentor (virtual or in-person)

For mentors

  • Have 6 – 12 years’ industry experience
  • Be willing to commit to the six month program including a time commitment of at least one hour each month to meet with your mentee (virtual or in-person)

Additional information

How to apply


Step 1

Application via FINSIA member portal:
  • Log into the FINSIA member portal and navigate to the ‘Community’ tab
  • Select ‘Be a Mentee’ or ‘Be a Mentor’ and click on apply now. 
  • Select ‘mentoring’ and complete the tick box options to indicate your years and area/s of experience and expertise. 
  • Submit your application for review and verification by the FINSIA team.

Step 2

Create your FINSIA Mentoring Program profile using the FINSIA mentoring platform (Chronus):
  • Once your application has been reviewed and verified by the FINSIA team, we will contact you to confirm that your application has been approved.
  • You’ll then receive an email from Chronus (the FINSIA Mentoring platform) with guidance on how to complete your profile questionnaire online for the matching process.

Step 3

Matching process: 

Chronus’ MatchIQ® technology facilitates mentee and mentor matches with an intelligent matching algorithm.  Key matching criteria include:

  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • Participant's preference of finance areas for mentoring

Step 4

Mentee selects from mentor matches:
  • Mentees are then able to view their matches with a potential Mentor (or mentors) and send a request to the FINSIA team for their preferred Mentor match.
  • The FINSIA team will facilitate the introduction to the Mentor and Mentee.  We usually request that a potential pairing meets for a brief discussion to ensure that the match is the right fit for one another’s needs and expectations. 
  • Once a match is deemed suitable for both Mentee and Mentor, the FINSIA Mentoring Program commences. 

Step 5

A Mentee-driven mentoring program:
  • Mentees are requested to schedule the first one-on-one session with their Mentor and to follow a guided process within the FINSIA Mentoring platform to develop and progress goals, schedule meetings and track their progress.  As this is a Mentee-driven program, Mentees must proactively connect with their Mentor and take ownership of their FINSIA Mentoring Program and mentoring relationship.

More about the FINSIA Mentoring Program platform

  • FINSIA has selected Chronus software as the platform for this mentoring program.
  • Chronus is the platform of choice for innovative brands around the world including many universities, associations and businesses in Australia. 
  • A complete profile can help to identify areas where a Mentee may need the most support and where a Mentor may be able to offer the most guidance, ultimately leading to a more successful and fulfilling mentoring experience for both parties.
  • Chronus’ MatchIQ® technology facilitates effective mentee and mentor matches with proven methodology and an intelligent matching algorithm to enable automated recommendations for mentoring matches.  Matching criteria includes: career interests, development goals, skills gaps and shared interests as well as location, nature of work performed and years of experience.
  • FINSIA reviews each match to ensure a good fit according to the available information. Once FINSIA finalises the match, an email is sent to Mentee and Mentor, introducing them and providing additional information and instructions for the mentorship.  
  • Once a mentoring connection is established, there is a step-by-step guide for the mentee to follow for each one-on-one session to work through their goals.  The mentoring platform allows participants to schedule meetings and communicate through the messaging system. 



Mine provided me with a lot of guidance and tips on starting my career in Australia, which was great for a newbie here to the industry.


Judo Bank

Having a mentor is just as - if not even more - important now in my career where I’m equipping myself with the tools that future leadership demands.



The mentorship a FINSIA membership provides can align you with thought leaders and respected industry professionals, and the networking provides an opportunity to build out your network.


Do I have to be a FINSIA member to participate or what is the cost to participate in the mentoring program? 

Yes, you may participate if you are a current and active member of FINSIA. There is no cost as it is a benefit for members who have a membership level of Affiliate plus or above.  

How are mentoring matches made?  

Mentoring partnerships are made via electronic application and matching procedures. Mentors and Mentees apply using the interest form at the FINSIA Mentoring Program page.  Every mentoring partnership is confirmed by FINSIA.

FINSIA will review each match to ensure they would be a good fit according to the information available. After FINSIA finalises the match, an email is sent to both partners, introducing them and providing additional information and instructions for their partnership.  

How much time is involved in the FINSIA Mentoring Program?  

Mentoring partnerships are actively supported for six months via the FINSIA mentoring platform. The time spent on deliverables is dependent on the goals and availability of the participants. Participants may also choose to continue their relationship beyond the FINSIA-supported time frame. The mentoring program will be for one connection per membership.

How will I communicate with my mentor or mentee? Will we need to meet face-to-face?  

Communication may be in person, via phone, e-mail, web meeting, through Chronus or other forms of communication. Communications are at the expense of the participants.   

If in the same State, you can meet up for the session, depending on both mentor and mentee’s availability and if agreed by both parties.  

As a Mentor, how many hours am I expected to spend communicating with my Mentee during the six-month FINSIA Mentoring Program?  

There is no set requirement; however, we would anticipate the mentor and mentee to communicate and spend an hour or two each month dependent upon their availability.  

Will the personal and professional information I share through the FINSIA Mentoring Program be kept confidential?  

Yes. All program applicants are required to sign a confidentiality statement upon application.  

Where can I find the documents and information I need during my FINSIA Mentoring Program?  

All current FINSIA Mentoring Program participants are given access to the FINSIA mentoring platform, Chronus. Here, Mentees and Mentors will find important and helpful documents as well as a discussion forum they can use to communicate with other Program participants about mentoring matters. Instructions on accessing this area are provided via email when you are matched.  

Why should I become a mentor or mentee?  

There are different reasons to become a mentor or a mentee. The three main reasons would be to promote personal and professional development, strengthen learning through different perspectives and to expand your network.