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Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the key features and principles of complex consumer lending offered by banks to help customers meet their financial goals and needs.

Students who complete this module will be able to:

  • Understand the nature and characteristics of consumer credit products and services.
  • Investigate and understand how income and revenue streams can support consumer lending together with the regulatory and legislative frameworks relating to consumer lending.
  • Understand securities for consumer lending.
  • Understand the importance of providing clear and appropriate communication in delivering professional sales and service to customers.
  • Understand how to provide support and options to customers experiencing financial change and potential servicing difficulties with their loans.
  • Describe and apply the principles of lending.

Total Program Fee


Internationally recognised

Internationally recognised professional qualification that is an alternative entry to the Chartered Banker Pathway


Online flexibility

All modules delivered online which means you can start anytime and complete it at your own pace in your own time.


Chartered Banker Institute (UK) accredited

The only body in the world able to confer Chartered Banker status.


Made for Australia

Developed for Australian Market by FINSIA in close consultation with senior industry practitioners

What’s Included

Affiliate Membership

A 12-month Affiliate membership for new members, plus the ability to upgrade.

e-Learning Material

Embedded e-Learning on selected modules to reinforce key learning objectives

Digital textbook

A comprehensive digital textbook providing core learning materials and case studies to help you build your capability

Assessment fees

Assessment fees are included in the price of the qualification.

The learning experience is


Online Learning

Start anytime from any location at your own pace.



Stimulating interactive learning experience with a hands-on approach. 



Access an extensive suite of engaging learning materials.


Industry Led

Developed for the Australian market in consultation with senior industry practitioners. 

What do I get when I finish the course?

A certificate for the Consumer Credit module, which is also one of the elective modules of the Certified Banker program, is available upon request.

Kate McCallum F Fin

Kate McCallum F Fin

Director and Advisor, Multiforte Financial Services

It’s exciting to work with the team at FINSIA that has a real focus on developing new ways of building capability and professionalism within the banking sector. Having a passion to think differently and to focus on what developing people will mean in terms of better customer experience will help restore trust and pride in the sector. That’s why I see such value in the collaboration between FINSIA and the Chartered Banker Institute to develop a suite of qualifications that fit the aspirations of people strategies and also work to build up credits towards Chartered Banker status.

Grant Cairns

Grant Cairns

CBA Executive General Manager Regional and Agri Business

In terms of mindset, I think the Chartered Banker is excellent in that it hones your focus on your accountabilities as a banker particularly with respect to customer outcomes, understanding your compliance and regulatory obligations and having ethical frameworks to apply sound judgement.

As Chartered Bankers, I think we are well placed to role model professional standards in the industry amongst those we lead and work with.

Victoria Weekes

Victoria Weekes

Independent Chair of OnePath Custodians

FINSIA, its members and staff, have a fabulous history of being leading advocates, thought leaders and drivers of professional standards.

At a time when the financial services industry is facing unprecedented change, with heightened community expectations, a challenging competitive environment and regulatory landscape, building professionalism across our industry and supporting our members to be the best they can is critical.

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