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Editor's Pick: Ethics Workshops - The Royal Commission and ethics are the “hot topic” on everyone’s lips

by Lewis Panther | 26 Apr 2018
The CEO of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, who was back for a second round of interactive Ethics Workshops in nine months, tells how the Royal Commission, integrity and professionalisation are the “hot topic” on everyone’s lips during the seminar.

According to Mr Culhane, there is a terrible echo in Australia and what is happening here and the Royal Commission is just so familiar to what happened in the UK 5 or 6 years ago.  When the financial crisis happened in the West, Australia didn’t have it.  The banks were seen to be the villains in America and the UK and the media put the spotlight on and uncovered loads of brad practices, like charging people for services they didn’t know they were being charged for, like what is coming out here.  The honeymoon is over according to Culhane.

Mr Culhane continued by saying it is beneficial for the industry to take leadership now on professionalism rather than waiting for the findings of the Royal Commission.  This is what FINSIA is doing – being strong advocates for professionalism.  FINSIA running these integrity programs are great and the sort of things that are needed.  Leadership is required for professionalism and now is the time.

FINSIA members have found our Integrity Matters Workshops enormously valuable with Mr Culhane using real life scenarios to illustrate the impact of poor ethical decisions came from the world of sport and politics, as well as the financial services industry. The sessions to demonstrate why ethics is essential to sound decision-making had FINSIA members getting really involved, according to Mr Culhane.

And they have given financiers a taste of how they can get on the front foot to show the industry is capable of becoming professional — and trusted by consumers.

Mr Culhane revealed FINSIA “has been inundated with requests from companies to hold the integrity workshops in their firms”.

 He added: “People left the last workshop we did telling us that they had really learned something. What consumers want is fairness. They want fairness from the staff and the product they are buying.”

If you would like to find out more about holding our workshops at your firm, please email [email protected]


  • | May 18, 2018

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