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Bring our daughters to work day

Planning an event?

We suggest that participating companies host events during the school holidays to minimise disruption. 

If you need inspiration, or have questions about hosting an event, please contact us and we can put you in touch with FINSIA members who are BODTW champions.

BODTW Day 2017 ... young innovators

About the program

Bring Our Daughters to Work Day is supported by FINSIA.

The program is based on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work®, which has successfully run in the United States for over 20 years to improve women’s participation in the workforce and high school retention rates.

In Australia, FINSIA supports the program so that parents can share with their daughters what it is that they do during their work day and promote careers in banking and finance.

The program's activities are designed to encourage current and future generations to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives.

For inspiration we have provided resources below that show the types of activities your organisation can run for an action-packed day. 

Bring Our Daughters to Work Day can be tailored to the diversity initiatives in your organisation. Previous participants have hosted activities for girls aged zero to 22, run whole or half day programs, workplace tours and parallel events for sons. 


There's no limit to the types of activities you can run for Bring Our Daughters to Work Day. The ideas here will suit financial services organisations, and are segmented by the age of the children that participate.

5 to 8 years

The who we are wall

In this activity, children get the chance to learn about each other’s lives at school, work, and at home by writing and drawing pictures on a designated 'who we are' wall.

9 to 12 years

The caring tree

What does it mean to care about others, and how do we recognise those who care for us? This activity shows the important work that goes into caring.

My first resume

How do you turn the things that you are good at into a job that you enjoy? This activity explains how experience is a powerful tool, and how to make the best of who you are.


Stockmarket game

How do stockmarkets work? And, how do you work out when to buy, sell or hold shares? This activity introduces the basic principles of trading.

The activity pack for this game includes notes for instructors, a trading ledger and a presentation to explain the game.

Get involved

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