Short Courses and Workshops

FINSIA has a range of professional short courses and workshops. These are designed to expand your skills and knowledge, offering a new area to try within financial services, to explore a topic simply of interest or as part of a gateway to a gaining a new professional skill.




Why short courses and workshops?

Short courses and workshops offer great learning outcomes to apply to your job. They help you to be career ready for the future of the finance sector, enabling you to:

  1. Kick start your continual learning;
  2. Get new practical skills;
  3. Gain confidence from expanding your knowledge; and
  4. Accelerate to a better career.


Find out more about the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN FINANCE short course
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Find out more about the AROUND FINTECH IN 8 HOURS short course
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Offer short courses in your organisation

Support staff

Give your staff the benefit of personal development and being career ready.

Enhance quality of staff

Up-skill and ensure your team have the digital capability.

Bespoke options

All financial service organisations are different. We can tailor some FINSIA course options or explore how we can support the roll-out to meet your specific requirements. 

Talk to a specialist

We have dedicated Relationship Managers to guide you through the courses and options available. Contact us now.


FINSIA Programs

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Professional Banking Fundamentals

The Professional Banking Fundamentals is considered the minimum qualification for all people working in banking. It is the initial entry point into the Chartered Banker pathway. FIND OUT MORE

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Certified Professional Banker

The Certified Professional Banker supports deeper skills development in specific functions including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk.  FIND OUT MORE

Enrolments open
Chartered Banker by Experience

The Chartered Banker by Experience is designed for individuals who want recognition for their expertise, experience and contribution to banking, and seek an accelerated, flexible yet rigorous route to Chartered Banker status. FIND OUT MORE

Enrolments open
Chartered Banker

The Chartered Banker is suitable for senior practitioners including business and corporate bankers. FINSIA is working with and will accredit universities to provide the Chartered Banker, which may also be linked to a Masters level qualification.  FIND OUT MORE

Key partnerships:
Enrolments open
Managing Cyber Security

Get a basic knowledge of the threat of cybercrime. You will be able to evaluate the risks to the financial services profession, and develop effective security solutions to prevent, detect and mitigate cyber-attacks. FIND OUT MORE

Enrolments open
Combating Financial Crime

Get a global view of transnational crime, illustrated practical defences and a focus on how laws, regulations and best practice continue to evolve across the entire spectrum of associated activities. FIND OUT MORE

Enrolments open
Risk in Financial Services

Get a comprehensive global introduction to the major risk areas in financial services. Address techniques used to identify, reduce and manage specific aspects of risk. FIND OUT MORE

Enrolments open
Global Financial Compliance

Address techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in a company and get a comprehensive introduction to all the issues a global Compliance Officer may encounter. FIND OUT MORE

Key partnerships:
Integrity in the workplace

The Ethics & Integrity from the Integrity in the workplace workshop explores real-life ethical challenges experienced in the workplace. Participating in this workshop offers you the unique opportunity to vote on how you would respond, should you be faced with a particular challenge. The aim of this workshop is to encourage participants to recognise real life situations that represent ethical dilemmas and decide the best response to ensure they act with integrity. FIND OUT MORE

Key partnerships:
Artificial Intelligence in Finance

This course gives an overview of the potential and challenges of AI in Finance, from insights of entrepreneurs who are developing AI to leaders implementing AI in financial institutions. From the technology to the role of people and the importance of ethics, you will understand AI in a balanced and structured way. FIND OUT MORE

Around FinTech in 8 hours

Understand the changes brought by technology to the financial industry. This course demystifies what is happening in finance. FIND OUT MORE

Green Finance Certificate

Managing climate-related risks and supporting the transition to a low-carbon world are our significant global challenges. Achieving these requires the combined efforts of global bodies, national governments and the financial services sector, putting sustainability and stewardship at the heart of finance. FIND OUT MORE

Coming soon

We are busy developing new courses, expanding our professional development and the professional qualifications that are available. Contact us to find out more

Grow as a professional and be recognised by investing in professional qualifications


For You

  • Extend your knowledge and have a refreshed perspective.
  • Demonstrate your capability & show you’re keen for career progression.
  • Be empowered to offer better customer outcomes and advice.
  • Feel proud and have greater personal satisfaction in your career.

For your organisation

  • Demonstrate you have achieved an industry level of competence.
  • Reduced recruitment risk from adherence to a shared code of conduct.
  • Confidence by support of regulatory requirements.
  • Productivity from commitment to continuous professional development.